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iowastockcars Wednesday, 8/24/2011

The boys and I race 11 brackerts of 32 cars until we have 44 cars left (the top 4 from each bracket). We then race the 4th place cars against each other. 5 move onto the battle the 3rd place cars, before 5 more move on to battle the 2nd place cars, and finally 5 more get to race against the 1st place cars.

We do this all the time to see what new cars are like that we have bought and to compare our new fast cars against a handful of previous fast cars that are drawn out of a hat. So, we are onto our 7th time of doing this and I thought everyone might be interested in our current final 16 that we plan on racing either Wedneday or Thursday to deterime this seasons championship. We use the grey HW 4 lane track and only use the outside lanes and then add an additional 8 feet of track after that for a 14 foot track. I created my own ranking system and they all get matched up from highest ranking to the lowest ranking as they get seeded in these final four races, like NCAA basketball.

The seedings are as follows

#1 T-Rextroyer (Color Shifter) 17-3
#16 2007 Chevy Tahoe-Black 13-6

#8 Pontiac Firebird-Police/White 5-1
#9 Javelin-FTE 6-1
#4 Way 2 Fast-FTE 10-1 (Was raced in Jobe's races)
#13 Rescue Ranger-Black 5-0

#5 Fast Fish FTE-Red 11-1
#12 Brit Speed-Grey 6-1
#2 M-Roadster-White 14-3
#15 360 Modena-Red 6-1

#7 71 Dodge Demon-Black 8-2
#10 F-Racer-Dale Jr-Orange 5-0
#3 Reverb 12-2
#14 Ferrari 458 Italia FTE-Blue 6-1

#6 Cadillac V-16-Black 15-4
#11 Shoebox-Yellow 9-4

I will report back with the results


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Jobe 8/24/11

That's alot of racing!

I need to do that again, when I first built my track we did the same thing with the piles of HW's from my boys rooms.

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georgeb 8/25/11

I have one of those 4-lane tracks if anyone wants it-don't need it any more-all there $15 shipped

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redlinederby 8/25/11
Site manager

I might be interested in that, I'll PM you.

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WorpeX 8/25/11

I love doing tournaments like this! I did mine a few months ago and it took something like 2 weeks to complete. haha.

We usually give ourselves about a month to complete them as our club races are once a month.

Round 1
#1 T-Rextroyer over #16 2007 Chevy Tahoe-Black 2-0
#9 Javelin-FTE over #8 Pontiac Firebird-Police/White 2-1
#13 Rescue Ranger-Black over #4 Way 2 Fast-FTE 2-0
#12 Brit Speed-Grey over #5 Fast Fish FTE-Red 2-0
#2 M-Roadster-White over 360 Modena-Red 2-1
#10 F-Racer-Dale Jr-Orange over 71 Dodge Demon-Black 2-0
#3 Reverb over #14 Ferrari 458 Italia FTE-Blue 2-1
#11 Shoebox-Yellow over #6 Cadillac V-16 2-1

Round 2
#1 T-Rextroyer over #9 Javelin-FTE 2-1
#13 Rescue Ranger-Black over #12 Brit Speed-Grey 2-0
#10 F-Racer-Dale Jr-Orange over #2 M-Roadster-White 2-1
#3 Reverb over #11 Shoebox-Yellow 2-0

Round 3
#13 Rescue Ranger-Black over #1 T-Rextroyer 2-0
#10 F-Racer-Dale Jr-Orange over #3 Reverb 2-1

Championship Race

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

And the winner after losing the first race and coming back to win 3 in a row is:

Wait for it.........

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

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Jobe 8/26/11

Didn't think that F-racer would do any good...ya never know

Those Rescue Rangers have always been a favorite of mine. Especially the splatter paint one.

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JDC442 9/4/11

I wouldn't have thought the Rescue Ranger would be that fast. I'll have to check my collection to see if I have one.

Thanks for the posts. That race info is very interesting and educational

We took the Rescue Ranger up to our league races last Saturday on the 50 foot track and the Rescue Ranger easily won the trucks division, which pushed my youngest son, Cade (kybusch18), back into the points lead in that division.

We also won other races.
Coby's legendary Power Piston-Purple won the kids division . It came from fourth to first in the race--which was cool to see.
A black Turbolence won the Rookie division for me--I have that division clinched with two races left. This is the 5th straight win for me.
Another Ferrari 458 FTE (Grey) won the FTE class. Its Coby's third win in this division with this car model. He has also clinched the points title with two races left.

---Other Final 4 Appearances for September---
Cade got 2nd place in the Slow Poke class with a Porschea Carrera (He is the points leader again)
Cade got 4th place in the Late Model class with a green Brit Speed. He is tied for the points lead.
Coby got 4th in the Muscle car class with a 67 Chevelle. He is in 3rd place in this division.
I got 2nd in the Super Stock division with a red Thomassima III. I am in 6th place in points and hope to get into the top 4 to get a trophy over the last two races.

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