3dbot maker electronic 2 lane finnish gates

Two_Six_Zero Wednesday, 3/6/2019

Hey all, I've been trying to contact 3dbot maker through etsy to order one of his 2 lane electronic finnish gates but haven't had any luck. Does he still make them? Does anyone have any other way of contacting him other than through etsy? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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NDeavers80 3/6/19

Try instagram or commenting on  one of his YouTube videos. 

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Jav74 3/7/19

I got mine thru his ebay account because either the start gate or finish line wasn’t in stock thru etsy. He may also be waiting for parts. Or, he’s very busy with the races. Great products! You won’t be disappointed!

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redlinederby 3/7/19
Site manager

3DBM seems to always be waiting on parts and has back orders for days. Email tends to work pretty well but his response time can be slow. 

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3DBotMaker 3/11/19

Sorry for the slow response Two_Six_Zero. I've been swamped with orders in addition to working on some other projects. Yes I still make the 2-Lane finish gate. I usually list about 2 or 3 every week in my store. I'm a one-man operation so I can only offer a limited quantity every week. If you go to the following link: 


there should be a button that says "Let me know when it's back" That way you'll be notified when it's back in my store.

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