Why do 3DBotMaker's videos look so good?

ghenty Tuesday, 4/21/2020

So, the video from 3D is just so smooth compared to everythign else out there. I was wondeirng if he publishes the videos in "real time" or are they slowed down at all, the cars look so much more realisitic on his track than some of the chaotic slide arounds I have seen on other channels.

Is it that the tracks are just very well designed or is it some camera trickery!?!?!


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redlinederby 4/21/20
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He does slow his racing down a smidge, he talked about it over in this article not long ago. But lets be clear, his videos look great because of all the following:

  • Great lighting
  • Quality cameras; dude has 5 GoPro cameras
  • Great detail and modeling on the track
  • Wonderful editing (which is talent and not just software)

He has managed to find a perfect video recipe that is truly entertaining and inspiring people to do the same. Making a great, engaging video is not easy. It takes a ton of time and effort to put it all together.

He has set the bar very high...but remember that what works for him might not work for everyone. Sure, his can be a goal and benchmark, but find a recipe that will work with what you have and what you can put into it, and it will be great and entertaining.

  • Cost-wise, he spent upwards of $1500 just in equipment (back in 2019) so probably a lot more since then + man hours. But I'm sure he's making that back in YouTube money (I would hope). — redlinederby
  • Thanks for the link. miss that info before from 3D. Very helpful! — Chaos_Canyon
  • Just wanted to give a big thumbs up to this reply.. — madmax
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ghenty 4/21/20

Really good stuff that he wrote. I own a gimbal that I can use with iPhone and I'm pretty good with it, my iPhone records at the 1080/60fps he mentions as well so that's good!

Like you say, just got to try things and get them to work for you.

It's multiple cameras and a lot of editing and good lighting.

It's also pretty clear that he scripts the commentary.  Most others out there sound as if they are riffing of the cuff.

  • That’s a very good point. With all the sound effects, music, commentary it all makes for a very smooth video — ghenty
  • I would agree, it would have to be pretty scripted, which is fine. It's hard to shoot video while doing live commentary unless you have multiple people available. — redlinederby

Also, one of 3D's inspirations for a track and where it's lead till now is Bootleg Run...you can find the thread here in the archives and it's also where Sub4ra and 3D started talking to one another...the influence and inspiration from Bootleg Run is very humbling and rewarding for me...because Bootleg Run is one of a kind.

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ghenty 4/22/20

I've just checked some times from the Lambo tournament that 3D did a while ago. Times of 3.5 seconds are actually around 6 seconds of video. Gives an idea of how much it is slowed down.

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ghenty 4/22/20

So.....I use an App called InShot for my video editing for work at the minute, and various other stuff, and it has a "slow-down" feature. Running 3.5 seconds of film at various speeds extends out to the following;

0.90x speed - 3.5 secs becomes 3.9

0.8x speed - 3.5 secs becomes 4.4

0.7x speed - 3.5 secs becomes 5.0

0.6x speed - 3.5 secs becomes 5.9

What I recorded wasn't in  high frame rate but think I could get some good footage with the iPhone and the Osmo mobile gimbal. See what tomorrow brings! Or more likely the weekend!

  • iPhone does 60fps which is pretty good. Just do the slow-mo in the editing process rather than using the built-in slow-mo during recording. — redlinederby
  • Yep, I recorded some yesterday at 60fps and then slowed down in the app called InShot it looked perfect. — ghenty
  • iPhone lets you download iMovie for free which is really great for quick trims, text, and edits as well. — redlinederby
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Dredger5663 4/26/20

The GoPro name covers a wide range of cameras. What model are people using?

  • I'm running a Hero4 Black. By the look of 3D's early videos it looks like he was running the square Hero 5's all round. Not sure if that's still the case. He's definitely running at least 1 GoPro 360 in the DRC - which is a great idea as you never miss the action on the jump or into the turn. Totally want to steal that idea for my track. — Chaos_Canyon
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Dredger5663 4/27/20

Thanks for that info. I don't want to go cheap but the highest end camera may be more than we need. Of course we will also use one while we travel or if we upload marble runs, so it will have multi functions.

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