Do 50th Anniversary Redlines have old or new axles?

LeagueofSpeed Tuesday, 6/5/2018
Event coordinator

So, does anyone know if these are just the standard mainline axel used in the ML's or is it the thinner axel like the original Redlines or even Nickel platted? I do love the fact that there metal/metal...and yes, I will be drilling the rivets on a $5.50 car if it is not Stock Competitive...and still might :)


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NDeavers80 6/5/18

I sent the mustang to diecast 64 for Hot off the Shelf. 

  • Ohhh...pricey Cat Killer — LeagueofSpeed
  • Ya pricey but I think nick has a chance to dethrone the Cat. Watched a couple races involving the 50th anniversary set and they seem to do pretty good on the track. — 41-14
  • I'm 75% sure they have nickel platted axels as well...I'll know soon enough. — LeagueofSpeed
  • Actually, it cost me less than a dollar. I got a tip from a guy at work for putting air in his ties — NDeavers80
  • *tires... Sorry — NDeavers80
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LeagueofSpeed 6/8/18
Event coordinator

I won't know for sure until I drill the rivets and mod one, but using my worklight and magnifying glass, I believe these just might have the nickel platted axels. It wouldn't be a reach for Mattel since they put them in the CS cars already...but the 50th Anny Redlines do have some very shiny axels...I'll let everyone know once I get one apart.

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Mopar_Mafia 6/9/18

I cracked one but haven't drilled it yet

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