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WorpeX Friday, 12/13/2019

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Welcome everyone to WorpeX Racing's 8th "Full Draft!"

I am your host - WorpeX - and i'll be telling you a little bit about this incredible tournament and updating you all as the tournament progresses!

What is the full draft? Well, the name actually tells quite a lot! The full lot of cars at our disposal will be competing in a double elimination tournament. Match-ups are generated by (most) cars being placed a bin and drafted completely randomly. If you're picked, you're racing! 

These events don't happen too often due to the sheer time commitment and amount of cars. The last Full Draft was in 2011 and the previous 6 of them happened before 2006. I had the forsight in my much younger years to record the results but not the dates of those apparently! Those older drafts don't have their results posted on WorpeX.net but we can still remember the winners! Surprisingly, all of them are still racing today! Lets take a stroll back in time and check out the former champions..

Who are the favorites to win this seasons tournament? Well, right now the favorite to win is the current undefeated champion and WorpeX.net season 2 winner, V-16. That said, it has yet to face some of the new blood on the track who is trying to claim the crown. Big names to watch out for: What-4-2 FTE, Mongoose, HW50 Concept and the only car to beat V-16 last season, Way 2 Fast! Perhaps it may require another V-16 to beat the champ, as the Treasure Hunt V-16, affectionaly named "Bubblegum" has also been looking strong thus far.

We currently stand a little over halfway through the tournament. Rounds 1-3 have been completed. This means over half the field has already been elminated! So lets highlight some of the eliminated cars up to this point. There have been a few big names eliminated early!

Rounds 1 - 3 Highlights:

  • TT and Diablo both go 2 and out! These two cars are legends in this circuit. Diablo as the winner of the second Full Draft and TT placed top 5 in 4 of the 6 older races. Neither car seems to have held up to the test of time too well but its nice to see them still racing!
  • Another former top car, IROC Firebird, gets upset in the winners bracket by an almost unknown car, 2011 Corvette Grand Sport. The IROC Firebird would then be eliminated in the losers bracket match to the RLD 2013 Middleweight Challenge competitor Speed Blaster FTE!
  • Who said Mainline cars can't be fast? Two cars straight from the 2019 pegs, Exotique and King Kuda have been extremely impressive! The former taking a big upset win on the former 5th place in the 2011 Full Draft 65 Corvette. The later knocks down Nerve Hammer from the winners bracket.
  • Gspeed, named after Redline Derby Member GspeedR who gifted the car to us, got a tough draw in round 2 as it faced off in a loss to the Triumph FTE.
  • 2019 Red Desert Baja and 2012 Chevelle Cup competitor '67 Chevelle SS "Derby" gets eliminated in round 3. It was slow in the mail-in tournaments and, well, it wasn't too quick here either! The final blow was struck by Hammerhead.
  • The first stock FTE falls in round 3. Mitsubishi Eclipse Tooned is elminated by Reverb.
  • 18 Hotwheels ID cars enter, 11 of them are eliminated by the end of round 3.
  • 3 Hotwheels ID cars have yet to lose, however! Mercedes AMG-GT, Viper GTS-R, Rally Finale all sit at 3-0.
  • Former 2012 Truck-O-Rama mail-in competitor Oshkosh Snowplow also sits at 3-0 after it made defeating the 2012 Featherweight Challenge competitor Camaro Converable FTE look easy.
  • Former Full Draft Winners: C-Class, Shredster and Italia all sit at 3-0. The Matchbox Camaro and Monte Carlo Concept are 2-1.

Thats it for now. Round 4 is currently in progress! You can see the up to date results by clicking here (most recent results are at the bottom) or you can wait for the highlights on my next post.

Thanks for reading!


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Mattman213 12/13/19

Woah, looks like your having a good time!!!  Keep the results coming, interesting for sure!


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Go_Time 12/13/19

Pretty neat, how often do you update the "results webpage"?

  • I'll do it all in one batch usually whenever I have time. About half of Round 4 losers bracket is up now. Still haven't finished racing it yet! — WorpeX
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RobertBcfc 12/14/19

This looks great - my pick is the Speed Bump - I was surprised when it took an L in your league to the gold F40.  They're cars I've raced against each other many times on various versions of my track and the bump always has the edge - just shows how cars run differently I guess.

Looking forward to seeing how the latter stages play out - your V16s seem like they run great, the black aeroflash and the mongoose funny car - should be some great matchups down the line

  • Nice Dark Horse picks! The Speed Bump took a bit of an unlucky loss to the Ferrari but I think its running better than ever in this event. It won all 3 of its first races easily! — WorpeX
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SavageSpeeder 12/14/19

I choose the v-16 again... let's go 2 for 2 on worpex.net.

  • haha, you've got a good chance of that happening! That said, the last tournament didn't have any FTEs in it. This one does. Its got some real competition! — WorpeX
  • still NOT worried. — SavageSpeeder
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WorpeX 12/18/19

Round 4 Highlights!

  • 244 Cars Remain in the Tournament!
  • ID Update: 3 More Fall! Only 4 remain. Both the Dodge Viper and Mercedes AMG continue their impressive winning streak by picking up their 4th win against Paddy Wagon and Mercedes 6x6 MBX respectively. The Rally Finale and Aston One-77 remain in the losers bracket. 
  • FTE Update: The Tournament began with 22 Stock FTE cars. 8 of them remain undefeated with only 2 elminated from competition. Bye-Focal II FTE was the only one to lose in round 4 as it gets upset by Ballistik.
  • HSW Update: Only 4 of the High Speed Wheel cars competed in the tournament, but its looking grim for them so far. Two have been elminated to this point while the remaining cars, Toyota Truck HSW and Torque Twister HSW, continue to compete in the losers bracket.
  • MBX Update: Matchbox is also not doing well! 11 of 14 of them have already been elminated from competition. Most recently, Blue Shark had its lackluster tournament ended by the '73 Firebird. No MBX cars remain in the Winners Bracket. Mercedes 6x6Chevy SSR and former Full Draft champion '71 Camaro Z-28 are the only remaining Matchbox competitors.
  • In a brutal round 4 losers bracket draw, Nitro Doorslammer faced off against Clone Turbolence. Two top cars facing each other early for the right to continue on! It was close, but the Blue Turbolence pulled through.
  • A few other surprise eliminations this round, Chevy Flashsider, Salt Flat Racer, Chrysler 300C, Fire Eater and Pontiac Salsa take early exits from the tournament!
  • 31 cars remain in the winners bracket... 3 of them are Ferrari F40s. GMS F40, Centomilla FTE Mod, and Yellow Hornet
  • In what could be a preview of a finals match-up, Cadillac V-16 got paried up against rookie phenom HW50 Concept. The Veteren was able to sqeak out a decisive win and send the rookie to the losers bracket!
  • In a similar match, Defending Full Draft Champion 458 Italia FTE takes on the Bubblegum V-16. it was back and forth with both cars able to take a couple wins until the Champ finally claimed victory over the treasure hunt! The THunt will have to work its way back into the finals through the losers bracket.
  • A few other big names headed to the losers bracket: C-Class, Taurus Stocker and El Rey Special

Thats all for now! Thanks for following along!

  • Oh man I dig the FTE swapped F40. Gonna place my bets on that bad boy! — Mattman213
  • Great to see The Bump win again! — RobertBcfc
  • Thanks I love it too! I'm not a great modder though and I was especially bad when I did it so it's not perfect. The car has been getting faster the longer it's been racing though! — WorpeX
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WorpeX 12/24/19

Round 5 Losers Bracket Highlights!

  • No Matchbox Cars Remain in the tournament. The final 3 all took their last loss. 71 Camaro Z-28 takes a big loss to the Vector Twin TurboChevy SSR gets eliminated by The Gov'Ner, and finally, the Mercedes 6x6 gets an unfortunate match-up against Chevy Impala FTE2.
  • Torque Twister HSW takes a HUGE upset win El Rey Special. Torque Twister comes into this tournament as someone who has done next to nothing in previous tournaments, hasn't raced in an official event in years and had no expectations. It eliminates an El Ray Special who only took a single loss in the previous WPX season and ended 5th in the rankings. This wouldn't even be the biggest upset of the round!
  • Custom WorpeX.net cars have not faired well in this round. The WorpeX TestarossaRoad PirateGold Zender Fact 4 and the last of 4 Smitty-built Sloppy Jalopies, Chevy Nomad, all get eliminated! Luckily, the prevoiusly mentioned Vector Twin Turbo and crowd favorite Oshkosh Snowplow survived!
  • Another Mod, Magneto Ferrari 458 was originally given to WorpeX.net as part of a trophy for winning a Redline Derby Fantasy League Season! Unfortunately, I can't recall who built the trophy/car and... well... the car was also eliminated by Stingray Conept FTE.
  • A Mercedes C-Class showdown broke out between the former full-draft champion X-Ray Cruiser C-Class and the younger, First Edition Earnhardt C-Class! It was an INTENSE match-up! Both cars refusing to end their season here and be considered the slower of the casting. In the end though, the straightline consistency of the X-Ray Cruiser C-Class won out over its younger counterpart.
  • Jaguar XK-8 and the Pontiac Banshee acheive what has been a rare feat in this tournament so far: A Stock Mainline defeating a Stock Faster Than Ever. Ford GTX-1 FTE2 and  Camaro Convertable FTE are the two defeated cars, respectively. Interestingly, the Stock Ford GTX-1 has yet to be eliminated from the tournament.
  • More commonly, FTEs lose to other FTEs. 16 Angels FTE gets eliminated by Mazda Furai FTE2.
  • Oh, I mentioned a bigger upset than one mentioned earlier? Right! Rookie, Exotique, a car quitely literally purchased solely so I could have an even number of cars for this, took the upset of the tournament by defeating 3rd place in the Lifeline Tournament earlier this year Speed Shark.

Winners Bracket Match-ups

I figure, since there are only 31 cars remaining undefeated, I would simply post the match-ups for these. I wont be racing this until after Christmas anyway. All match-ups created via random.org. We've also hit the point where we will start seeing some bye's since I didn't have the ideal number of cars for this event (512). Oh well!

  • THunt Turbo Flame (BYE)
  • Way 2 Fast vs Triumph FTE
  • Ferrari 458 FTE vs Shadow Jet
  • Turboa vs Shelby Super Snake FTE2
  • GMS Ferrari F40 vs Yellow Ferrari F40
  • Centomilla Ferrari F40 FTE Mod vs Virtual Collection Way 2 Fast
  • Lancer Evolution FTE vs Hammerhead FTE2
  • Probe Funny Car vs Speed Bump
  • Cadillac V-16 vs Snake
  • What-4-2 FTE vs Dodge Viper ID
  • Ferrari California FTE vs Mercedes AMG ID
  • MX48 Turbo vs Silver Bullet
  • Acura HSC vs Turbolence
  • Mongoose vs Stingray Concept
  • Dieselboy vs Lamborghini Estoque
  • Shredster vs Super Comp Dragster

  • Woohoo go Gold F40 mod! — Mattman213
  • Probe Funny Car vs Speed Bump - should be awesome!! I know what you mean about Exotique, I’ve got a sky blue 2018 casting I got at a gas station literally as I had some change in my pocket. It really is quick, can hang in FTE company for sure — RobertBcfc
  • Maybe Exotique should get added to your "Always Fast" list! — WorpeX
  • Could potentially be one for the future - I might add it and then we can always take it out when a slow one comes along. I’m guessing your is the 2019 Speed Blur version? The 18 is the FE so I they do qualify as “always fast” so far. I saw it go on a Ghostjerker video and lose, but it was in a heat with a monster of some kind (maybe an Invader) but ran it close — RobertBcfc
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WorpeX 12/25/19

Okay, i've decided i'm going to do a bit of an "expansion" to this tournament as i'm already starting to regret not having the full 512 - plus, I got some cars for christmas and kinda want to add them in. So, I calculated it out and its fairly easy to add some cars in this late actually. I need 16 exactly and they will exclusively face each other until round 5. At round 5 only 1 car remains in winners - it will face-off against The Turbo Flame. 4 cars will still be in the losers bracket and they will face off against new opponents.

So, already have these cars for an expansion:

  1. Jaguar i-Pace eTrophy ID
  2. VW T1-R ID
  3. Suburu Impreza 22B STI
  4. Bugatti Chiron
  5. VW Caddy
  6. Random Rodger Dodger
  7. Lotus Esprit FTE
  8. Chrysler 300C Hemi FTE
  9. Honda Spocket FTE
  10. Lotus Sport Elise FTE
  11. Pikes Peak Tacoma FTE
  12. GMS Chevy Stocker (From Mattman!)
  13. Audi R8 LMS ID
  14. Police Cruiser K9/Unit
  15. HW50 Concept ID
  16. V-16 FTE

Taking suggestions for the last slots! Theres a V-16 FTE on hobbydb for something like $15 right now....... heavily debating getting it to fill one of those spots. Also a bunch of awesome ID cars out now like the Audi R8 LMS and HW50 Concept that might take some spots.

  • Okay that list is finished now..... I have swapped out the random gruppo with a random rodger dodger off the pegs (cause it looked sick) and the gruppo was awful anyhow. Grabbed a car from my parents which probably should have been in the tournament anyway, it was in the 2011 full draft but never made it to philly for whatever reason. I also drunkenlyl puchased the v-16 FTE...... its not the most expensive car i've bought (that would be mongoose) but its certainly up there. That said, it would immediately become a favorite to win the whole tournament! — WorpeX
  • Once the V-16 shows up, i'll race them and continue the tournament. Its still enroute. All the other cars are ready to rumble! — WorpeX
  • I still have faith in the modded gold F40 BUT you know Im gonna be pulling for the pink eyesore now as well! — Mattman213
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WorpeX 1/5/20

Expansion Draft!

Racing has resumed here at WorpeX Racing after the holidays and delivery delays. The final car to arrive is the V-16 FTE which immediately becomes a huge favorite today! Special thanks to Mattman213 for sending the Chevy Stocker for me to play with! The car has officially been nicknamed "Mattman" on my track and it'll be called that until the day I die! Also thanks to KMJ Diecast who provided most of these FTEs and for sending a free 370z for the holidays. Looks like they put a special camo paint on it too. Too bad its as slow as it gets! It'll just watch from the sidelines.

So, lets look at the cars!

As you can see, there is some insane competition here! Thats 6 FTEs, 1 GMS Car and 3 Hotwheels ID cars, plus a few mainlines mixed in there.

"Wait a sec, thats 4 IDs there, WorpeX! You can't count."

Well... unfortunately the Audi R8 LMS was kicked out of the tournament after it just barely made it over the finish line during its race. I took it apart to try and make it faster but it just didn't. It was a straight dud out of the package. So, it got replaced by the first alternate, the random white Gruppo.

Remember, The top 3 cars of this tournament enter the Full Draft! Thats it! The winner will meet Turbo Flame in the winners bracket while the remaining 2 cars will join the losers bracket.

Anyway, enough text, lets get to the results!

Round 1

Round 2

  • Winners
  • Cadillac V-16 FTE -A- Honda Spocket FTE
  • Volkswagon T1-GTR ID -B- Volkswagon Caddy
  • Mattman Chevy Stocker -B- HW50 Concept ID
  • Jaguar i-Pace eTrophy ID -B- Lotus Sport Elise FTE
  • Losers
  • Police Cruiser -B- Suburu Impreza 22B STI
  • Pikes Peak Tacoma FTE -C- Rodger Dodger
  • Bugatti Chiron -A- Chrysler 300C HEMI FTE
  • Lotus Esprit FTE -C- Gruppo x24

Round 3

  • Winners
  • Mattman Chevy Stocker -A- Volkswagon Caddy
  • Jaguar i-Pace eTrophy ID -C- Honda Spocket FTE
  • Losers
  • Police Cruiser -B- Lotus Sport Elise FTE
  • Volkswagon T1-GTR ID -B- Chrysler 300C HEMI FTE
  • HW50 Concept ID -B- Cadillac V-16 FTE
  • Lotus Esprit FTE -C- Rodger Dodger

Round 4

  • Winners
  • Jaguar i-Pace eTrophy ID -C- Mattman Chevy Stocker --> Jaguar Adances to Full Draft!
  • Losers
  • Chrysler 300C HEMI FTE -A- HW50 Concept ID
  • Lotus Esprit FTE -A- Honda Spocket FTE
  • Volkswagon Caddy -B- Lotus Sport Elise FTE

Round 5

  • Winners
  • Jaguar i-Pace eTrophy ID -B- Turbo Flame TH
  • Losers
  • Mattman Chevy Stocker -C- Chrysler 300C HEMI FTE --> Mattman Advances to Full Draft!
  • Lotus Sport Elise FTE -D- Honda Spocket FTE --> Honda Advances to Full Draft!

Well thats that! Some HUGE upsets in this! The V-16 FTE was a huge disappointment. The wheels definitely didn't seem as smooth as the Bling version and that certainly caused issues with its track speed. The i-Pace showed up BIG though! I had a feeling it would be a burner when I felt its weight and silky smooth wheels, but I had no idea it would tear up the competition like this! If anyone sees one of these guys at your local store... do yourself a favor and pick it up! The Mattman Chevy was also extremely impressive here. I have no doubt that it'll work its way out of the losers bracket and into the finals! It may even get a re-match against the Jaguar!

Anyway, thats that. I'll make another post with the rest of the round 5 winners bracket and we'll pick-up where we left off at round 6 of the tournament! Now with no more bye's!

  • Wow! I hope that rematch comes around, would love to see some redemption, maybe itll go like the other one I kept and get quicker each race and have something for the Jag! — Mattman213
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WorpeX 1/6/20

Round 5 Winners Results

Okay, the wait is finally over on this one. Whew! Some seriously great racing in this round and a few upsets!


  • We already know the result of the first race, the Jaguar I-Pace ID continues to dominate its competition! Its opponent was no slacker either, the Turbo Flame TH was 10-2 coming into this match and had never lost by over a car length... well, that changed here. The Jaguar won on both lanes with over a car length margin of victory!
  • The Italia FTE and Triumph FTE finished first and second in the 2011 Full Draft. In 2019, however, they both take their first loss in the 5th round to Way 2 Fast and Shadow Jet!
  • FTE's in general did not do well in this round! Of the 9 FTEs, only 3 were able to win their match: What-4-2Speed Bump, and Lancer Evolution
  • RobertBc sent his prediction in for this round and did pretty well, missing on only 3 results! Winners he missed - Turboa (who put on a nice upset win), Virtual Collection Way 2 FastMercedes AMG ID

Full Results are here:
Turbo Flame TH vs Jaguar i-Pace eTrophy ID
Way 2 Fast vs Triumph FTE
Ferrari 458 FTE vs Shadow Jet
Turboa vs Shelby Super Snake FTE2
GMS Ferrari F40 vs Yellow Ferrari F40
Centomilla Ferrari F40 FTE Mod vs Virtual Collection Way 2 Fast
Lancer Evolution FTE vs Hammerhead FTE2
Probe Funny Car vs Speed Bump FTE
Cadillac V-16 vs Snake
What-4-2 FTE vs Dodge Viper ID
Ferrari California FTE vs Mercedes AMG ID
MX48 Turbo vs Silver Bullet
Acura HSC vs Turbolence
Mongoose vs Stingray Concept
Dieselboy vs Lamborghini Estoque
Shredster vs Super Comp Dragster

Finally its time to move on to Round 6!

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WorpeX 1/8/20

Round 6

96 cars remain in the tournament. 16 in the winners, 80 in the losers bracket!

Lets start off with the Winners Bracket match-ups and get that out of the way. Feel free to comment or send your preditions to me! Love to see what everyone thinks will happen! I'll post the results of these in a few days.

Losers Bracket Results

And we'll just get straight into the losers bracket results as well! Every single match-up in Round 6 is tough - advancing to the top 56 is not an easy task!

Okay thats enough highlights. I'll put up the winners bracket results soon!

Thanks for reading!

  • Wooooh, did I forget to mention that that particular Stocker had a streak of losing the first race against every car I put it up against in early testing but then would win the next 2 no problem? Not sure what that was all about but it appears to have brought some of that strangeness with it lol — Mattman213
  • ha! That sounds exactly like what happened. I was super confused when it lost by a pretty good amount so I checked the tires but it seemed fine. Back on the track again it won the next 2 easy! — WorpeX
  • Oh boy that's my Stocker for sure! I actually was bummed that it might be a dud when I first opened and raced it and was SUPER confused when it started WHOOPING the others and running heads up with the fastest I have. Then it would do it all again, lose first race and win the next two. I had hoped that would go away after getting some runs under its belt and breaking in some. Guess not lol — Mattman213
  • Great match up coming up - Turbolence vs The Bump - should be awesome (and close) — RobertBcfc
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WorpeX 1/10/20

Round 6 Winners Bracket Results


  • Are HWID Cars Faster Than FTEs? Well... lets counts how many of each made it into the Winners Bracket top 8!
    • The Jaguar i-Pace continues to dominate its opponents. It easily dispatches the Virtual Collection Way 2 Fast
    • Mercedes AMG-GT took a nailbiter of a win against Turboa. This car just seems to get faster the more it races!
    • Hotwheels ID: 2
    • Crowd favorite, Speed Bump FTE raced hard in its match against the Turbolence! In the end though, it was the black First Edition which claimed victory.
    • Oh how the mighty have fallen! The undefeated titan, What-4-2 FTE takes its first loss after going 10 straight. It loses to a car it had beaten back in July, Mongoose
    • 10-0 seems like childsplay compared to V-16. It extends its winning streak to 15 after it disposes of the Lancer Evolution FTE
    • Faster Than Ever: 0


Way 2 Fast -C- Super Comp Dragster
Mongoose -C- What-4-2 FTE
Shadow Jet -D- Silver Bullet/Aeroflash
Cadillac V-16 -C- Lancer Evolution FTE
Ferrari F40 -D- Dieselboy
Turbolence -D- Speed Bump FTE
Virtual Collection Way 2 Fast -B- Jaguar i-Pace eTrophy ID
Turboa -D- Mercedes AMG ID

For those who never got to experience the Redline Derby Fantasy League, here is how match grades work!

  • A - No Contest. 2+ Car Lengh Victory.
  • B - Clear Winner. Over 1 Car Length Victory.
  • C - Close Race, but only 1 race winner. Less than 1 Car Length Victory.
  • D - Back and Forth! Both Cars took at least 1 win on any lane.

On to Round 7!

  • Must be some car to down The Bump! Going to be some great races, wonder how far the ID cars are going to go — RobertBcfc
  • The AMG feels like its on borrowed time, but it just keep winning. The Jaguar might win the whole tournament if it keeps looking this good. Its beating top cars easily! — WorpeX
  • WOW. I have a wore out beater Heat Fleet Turbolence that I have drilled apart to freshen up and see what its all about. Your's recent streak has got me wanting to get to it quick now! — Mattman213
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WorpeX 1/14/20

Top 32 Is Decided! Round 7 Losers Bracket

Okay! That was a lot of highlights. So, match-ups for Round 7 Winners Bracket time!

Can't wait to see your picks and race them!

Thanks for reading!

  • GO STOCKER! Man Mongoose vs Silver Bullet is gonna be a wild one and deep down Im kinda hoping Turbolence has something for the I-Pace. F40 vs V16 will be interesting as well! — Mattman213
  • Can’t wait to see how these post out. Turbolence will definitely be the acid test to see just how quick the ID car is. The conqueror of The Bump shouldn’t be taken lightly..... — RobertBcfc

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