6 Lane finish line malfunction

Chrisw Thursday, 1/23/2020

Hey guys . Have you ever experience the finish line to the six lane keep say  " winner lane 1" ? At first when it happened the batteries were about dead . Good thing I use rechargeables

This time it's just going off "winner lane 1"  a good 6 times in a row ,then stop and then it started up again and again .Do yall know what it could be ? It's not the batteries 

Thanks in advance 


Maybe the trigger is stuck? Is it possible to take it apart to look inside?

  • I took it apart an everything looks good . I even moved wires , put electrical tape over solder areas. Trigger moves or maybe it's the resistor. Maybe . Thanks — Chrisw
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Chrisw 1/23/20

Ok GR33K I believe you were right the resistor above the trigger was stuck . I used Bachmann ez conductive contact lube an its quite now. Thank you.

  • I am glad you were able to figure it out. Now I know what to do in case mine starts to act up. — Secondhand_Speed
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Chrisw 1/25/20

This is the 6 lane finish line besides batteries going low , the switch over the trigger will get stuck . The best thing to do is to take it apart and put some Bachmann EZ Lube conductive and contact , put small drop into the actual switch slap the trigger back and forth and that will loosen up the switch and it will be back to like it was brand new thank you Greek for the help!.

  • Or any type of electrical conductive Lube — Chrisw

can you add to t

the 6 lane to make it longer some how ?

  • Sorry one of what. ? — Chrisw
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