8 Lane race track first time out.

wadesgames Saturday, 9/12/2015

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssbmMuPNuCA Here is a video of the first event for my race track at the Darlington Car Haulers Parade. We ran all stock cars for the event since it was a Nascar event. We also did races in the Free Kids Zone for the Darlington races Saturday and Sunday. We had 182 races on Sunday. The software worked great and everyone had a good time. We upgraded the monitor for Darlington and used a 46 led display so everyone could see the results better.


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wadesgames 9/15/15

I had a number 6 Mark Martin that could not be beaten. Forward or reverse on the track. The kids could run their own cars but most picked one of the 100 Nascar stock cars that I provided. They picked up real quick on what cars were the fastest. I gave a vintage 1992 Richard Petty poster to the winner of the 8 cars run each race. We could not run full races because people only stopped by on the way to the race. I want to use the software and run a full race where each car runs in all 8 lanes. 

  • In theory, the blu track should be much more even and fair lane to lane than pieced together orange track and negate the need for that.... — MoHasAFastCar
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