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Variation-Jason Tuesday, 6/1/2010

Chase told me he had traded in all of his cars, but just didn't have enough to hold on to first place. Not bad at all for an 11yr old! He kept telling me to trade for certain cars... guess I should have listened, lol

Congrats to Chase and Jim for providing a great final race.


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Bandeezee 6/1/10

Yes, congrats to him for holding the lead as long as he did.

He traded all his cars in? Does it just not show it on the "teams" page? Or did he pick more cars up? I'm just curious, because I know after I traded mine in, I see blanks where the traded in cars are. I would double check his garage.

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JDC442 6/1/10

Had no idea the 'Hurricane' was only 11 yrs old! I'm really impressed with his performance and choice of cars for someone that age. Now I feel bad he didn't win
Anyways, it was an honor competing with you Chase! Hope to see you in v2.

Oh don't feel bad, he was happy to hold the lead for as long as he did and very happy to get second place overall.

I'm proud of the boy... even if he did beat the hell out of me, lol.

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