A 30 second paint job.

Steele_Mill_Racing Monday, 2/22/2016

Still not completely dry so I'm not sure how much metal detail was lost. Looks really cool in person. http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e44/jimhickeymusic/temporary_zps34gdn9fo.jpg


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redlinederby 2/23/16
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Woah, how'd you do that? Like paint floating on water thing and dip it?

Did you use a primer or is that just on the bare metal?

Spray paint in plain cold water.  First time trying it.  Super easy.  Checked it this morning and it didn't lose detail which is great.  I primed, painted it black, roughed the black a little, then used green and white cans.  I don't think it needs to be primed as rattle cans have primer in them so I may skip that step next time provided I have a body in good condition to work with.  It needs to be oil based paint, which is all they sell at my Home Depot so that wasn't hard to find.  The hood didn't turn out great but the metal was damaged so it is what it is.  The peeps on the internet mentioned light base colors work better so I may go with a white base for the next time on a bigger car or truck to see what the differences would be.  I'll be sure to make a video when I have something ready to do it again.    

I wasn't too impressed with my detail work so I tossed the Lambo back in the paint thinner. I mixed in a few other bodies in there too. Going to try the technique again at some point this weekend.  Video to come too.

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fordman 2/25/16

in the '20s, early '30s Henry Ford dipped all the fenders in long tanks, dipping through 1" of black paint that floats on top of 3 feet of cold water... extra paint dripped back into the tank...

some of that paint is still with us...

 remember, any color you want, as long as its black... Ford offered black only fenders until 1934

anyway, your system will work !

 ... go JM go ! ...

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