A curious question, what would a complete racing kit cost?

RicksDiecastRacing Saturday, 5/21/2022

Definitely not looking to sell or even buy. Just really curious has anyone ever seen someone try and sell a hole set ready to race. I mean track cars lights cameras decorative stuff even what they may have the track set on. Just curious was talking with a friend about how much someone would want for something like that. I know I have never seen it!


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Uncle_Elvis 5/22/22

None of what you mentioned is the real cost. The real cost is the time that goes into construction, testing, editing videos, and posting videos. The actual, physical stuff is probably $200 plus however much you WANT to spend on cameras and editing equipment (lap top, software, apps, whatever). After the physical construction, you can spend as much or as little as you like. 

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redlinederby 5/22/22
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If you're talking a Race Kit Set - like a train set - then probably a few hundred bucks. You got probably $50-100 worth of track itself. Then look at Slanman or JLHK for costs on accessories like starting gates and finish lines...another $100-200. Decorations and modeling stuff, probably another $100 for a few things, just to get someone started. So like $500 for a ready-to-go race track kit, maybe, but shipping would be a bitch too.

I wouldn't bother with the video kits with cameras and lights...those already exist on Amazon and what not. And you got small/medium/large options there with price tags to match. Again, think like a train set...it comes with track, cars, and a few mountains. After that it's just extra parts and if you want to make videos, that's a different kit entirely and the price range there is pretty wide. Could be anywhere from $100-$1000 depending on quality of equipment.

Interesting idea though, of which I'm surprised no one has done yet. One of the 3D shops could probably offer that type of kit but they'd have to get the track itself at retail...not ideal but not that bad either. I have no doubt people would buy suck a kit if it was nicely put together and shipped well.

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