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LeagueofSpeed Friday, 10/19/2018
Event coordinator

Hello Everyone,

     Hello all, I'm writing to say a temporary good-bye...with being a Freshman in High School and training for Girls Lacrosse and after school clubs...my free time has shrunk, so I'm not availabel to help out Dad/League of Speed as much with the League of Speed Productions side of things...I do expect him to keep building me fast cars though :). I have given him and Mom/Lady of Speed some help with the video and editing of what we do for our races...so I think they can handle it going forward, but I'll keep an eye on them!!! I consider you all to be extended family and have enjoyed being part of the Gang around here and racing against you all!!! I most likely won't return until Mustang Summer next year...that way Dad/LoS won't have to wait for me to do the racing, and he can get the races done and uploaded quicker and get back to our show-The Quest for Speed. I will be with you all in Spirit and we will always be Legion here at the LoS Racing Grounds!!!

...and as Dad say's

...Peace and Speed - Speed Force 


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redlinederby 10/19/18
Site manager

Good luck with high school, young lady...it's gonna be the greatest of times, so enjoy 'em.

And thanks for your video support over the past years. As everyone expects video as a defacto, the more it puts those of us without those skills behind...but your videos will live on as a good examples of what can be done.

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LeagueofSpeed 10/19/18
Event coordinator

Now instead of me telling Speed Force what to do...the Lady of Speed will be telling me what to do!!!

Happy Wife...Happy Life!!!

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41-14 10/20/18

Good luck with school young lady. It has been a pleasure to race against you and your family. Your video and editing skills are amazing and always a joy to watch. Looking forward to your return when we can battle on the track again as we did with corvette Summer. 

God bless

Brian, Keira, and Jackie

41-14, Little Bug, and Wild Rose 

Best wished to you!

Although the racing is fun, it's good that you're putting priorities first.

Hopefully we'll see you back in the future.

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