Does orange track wear out?

CalgaryDiecastRacing Thursday, 6/2/2022

Do you think orange track can wear out from frequent use?

I've noticed as of late that the cars aren't going as fast as I believe they should be and can go.

Is it possible that, after a few thousand runs, the track is wearing out?




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redlinederby 6/3/22
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I mean, yeah, it can....but we're talking years upon years of daily wear-n-tear. I don't think a few thousand times should make much difference. I ran the same orange track for years and lost track of how many cars have gone down but I don't see any significant difference in the track.

Now, given dry lubes and rubbing and all that good stuff, your track will get dirty and such, and sure, that will probably impact cars - but to the point where I would consider the orange track no longer useful or worthy, I'd say no. If anything, I think that adds character to a track.

  • Ok.... I think that's some pretty solid input... thanks! — CalgaryDiecastRacing
  • that's why I don't concertedly clean my track.....the skid marks and debris is just character! — IndianaDiecastRacing

Unless you have some scratches or roughed up areas, it would be surprising if it had worn out.

Mine gets worse but usually only when I've been painting it, where it cracks etc everytime I pull it apart.

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