Adjustable wheel jig designs

Go_Time Monday, 12/3/2018

Hello All, I have been lerking on this site for a while now and just recently made an account.  I have seen a few wheel jig designs and they all look great!  So I thought I would share my design for an adjustable wheel jig.  It is a super simple design and slides in and out to accomodate any size HW.  Enjoy!


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LeagueofSpeed 12/3/18
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redlinederby 12/3/18
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Nice work! I need to make myself a new jig. I like that your one side is fixe and you just slide the other.

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Jav74 12/4/18

That’s something I need to work on. I had rows of pencils glued together. Now I just use 2 sets of 2 pencils glued together and line them up the best I can along a piece of lined paper. It’s not at all ideal but I think they mostly roll straight afterwards. Lol. Great design!

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41-14 12/4/18

  • Simple yet effective. Made out of 3/4 inch MDF. 3 1/2 inches Wide x 8 3/4 inches Long. Two adjustable bases with dowels (2 x 3 inches). Strips are 3/4 x 8 3/4 inches — 41-14
  • Very nice. Nice a hefty. — redlinederby

Ok... I feel stupid asking this.... but here we go...

What is the purpose of these jigs?

  • It aligns the axels straight in the chassis. — LeagueofSpeed
  • And more so, keeps both axles straight relative to themselves. — redlinederby
  • Huh.. ain't that quite the idea. — HotWheelsCalgary
  • Cars that runs straight ( less bouncing from side to side) produces more speed. Every fraction of a second counts. — 41-14
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LeagueofSpeed 12/9/18
Event coordinator

I made this one for castings that won't sit properly in a standard flat top jig.

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