Advanced custom banked cardboard turn

Deedose Saturday, 11/5/2022

I use centimeters as a unit . You will need a calculator that can do sinus/cosinus , and that can switch between degrees and radians .

Quite a while ago , I did a tutorial about how to make banked turns . But that make me think : can we create a formla that would let us do turns with a very specific radius , angle and incline ? Here is what I've came up with :

Red values are choosen by you .
Blue values are calculated .

With that formula found , I figured out how to make crash racers-like turns :

What I got was something like this :And this is the cardboard turn created from that template :

If there's something you did not understand , I'l do my best to help you .

I spent 3 hours to make this tutorial , and it's late . I don't have the determination to translate the demonstration from french . I'l do it later , if someone is interested in seeing it .


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dr_dodge 11/7/22

very nice write up
I am copying these to my hard drive for later

maybe there is a ratio/formula for angle of banking vs incline into curve.

(a grade of x will need a min bank of y)

got me to thinking....thanks for info


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