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Thunder424 Friday, 8/12/2011

Hey guys. I've started repainting some Mustangs and I'm of course wanting to add some stripes to the hood/roof/trunk of the car. Very basic stripes here like one big stripe or two small parallel stripes... nothing crazy here. I'm using 3M brand automotive masking tape and it does a good job for 85% of the job. Me being the perfectionist that I am (I think most of us in this hobby are) is being driven crazy because the paint is leaking under the tape. I'm curious to know if I am using the wrong type of tape, or if I am not doing something that I'm supposed to be doing, or if maybe I'm just using too much paint.



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redlinederby 8/12/11
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I just use the blue painters tape and it works pretty well. However, I believe the problem is less the tape and more how you paint/spray the car. If you come at your masked area straight on rather than at an angle you'll get less paint "leak" under your tape. I'm not quite the perfectionist on cars but I get frustrated by the same issue. Hope that helps or gives you some ideas. And when you're done, hope you can share a few pics of your customs.

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BobbyB 8/18/11

Spray the tape with a coat of clear. This will seal the edges.
Hope this helps.

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smilinbob3 10/6/11

I have also had problems using household use masking tapes,so I gave up on them. For two tone paint jobs I use tamiya brand hobby masking tape, Testers makes a similar masking tape, but IMO not as good of a product. For racing stripes I use automotive vynle pinstriping tape. I lay out where i want my stripes then outline the edge with the pinstriping tape then use masking tape to cover the exposed parts not to be painted. The vynle edges seem to work great for not seeping any paint under it,Hope this helps.

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