Aluminum drag race track

Ralph_Technology97 Saturday, 5/16/2020

This is what tracks look like in my community. I don't know full specs, but I think this is a 50 footer with a 10 foot drop. Quite the monster! 


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redlinederby 5/16/20
Site manager

Impressive! I've seen photos of a lot of giant aluminum tracks like that in Indonesia. Like from the second level in malls and stuff. Crazy stuff. 

Do you know what type of aluminum thing they're using? Is it some sort of construction material piece or what? It can't be a single piece.

  • These are aluminum channel screeds for cement work I believe. There are other tracks made out of plastic channel screeds and those make for very fast tracks too. And no, they're not just one piece. They're sold on pieces of about 8 to 10 feet in length. I think you could get them at any hardware store — Ralph_Technology97
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