An Extra Thank You To Some Special Folks...

HotWheelsCalgary Wednesday, 5/16/2018

Last night I finally got the letters ,that were included with the 3 packages I have received, framed and hung above the track where they belong. As I had posted on Facebook, I did this not only as a thank you to them, but also as a reminder that what I am doing on YouTube is having an impact on people. It may not be the 10's of thousands, but they are still people taking the time to come watch my videos. This is a reminder to me to make sure that impact is always a positive one. Thank you to the following for their generosity, and for motivating me to keep going when I was ready to give up: 41-14 Racing, Little Bug Racing, 3DBotMaker, HotWheelRacerMike, League of Speed. The Bible(Exodus 17:12 kjv bible) tells of how Moses needed to keep his arms raised.. He got tired..wanted to give up..but Aaron(go figure) and Hur came along and held his arms up... they helped him keep going... You, my friends, just lifted my arms up! Thank You!


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LeagueofSpeed 5/16/18
Event coordinator

That's Awesome HotWheelsCalgary!!! Keep it up my Brother...You started a Quest...see it through...because when you're'll start another...The Quest for Speed is Eternal...Good Luck on Your Quest.

Peace and Speed - League of Speed

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41-14 5/17/18

Yes keep it going. You are about to break 200 subscribers on your you tube channel. It’ll only get bigger and better. And the fantasy league has been a blast. You’re doing an amazing job brother

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