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72_Chevy_C10 Tuesday, 12/1/2020
Event coordinator

Hey Guys,

It's been a while since I've visited and even longer since I've posted. I'm enjoying my welding courses and they are keeping me pretty busy.

It's great to see so many new faces here, and to see the board so active! I don't really have the time to host right now, but I am working on something for D64.

If there are noobs on here that haven't watched some of my videos on how to mod these cars, just look me up on youtube...Chris Raab...or, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

If hope everyone is staying safe! And I hope to post some content was ai get a little further along with what I'm building!



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Mattman213 12/1/20

Howdy Howdy!  Welding is fuuuuuuun...but Im ok with sitting at my extreme amateur level of ability.  Making brackets and fixing things here and there on the old car is just plenty of fun for me LOL


  • Hey! Yeah, it really is...challah ingredients too...I still have thousands of hours to go to get to where I really want to be...but, I'm enjoying it along the way :) — 72_Chevy_C10
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Diecast64 12/1/20

Hey Chris, good to hear from ya.  Glad all is well.  That's cool about the welding.  Ever since my days of watching Junkyard Wars I always thought it would be cool to learn how to weld. Oh the things I could build! But alas, I have not learned that skill yet, so I'm confined to just welding together toy cars with JB Kwik. Haha!

I've watched some of your videos!  Very helpful for someone just starting out!  Thank you!  

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Peter_Bee 12/2/20

Glad to hear from you Chris. I'm one of the recent converts to the hobby, and I have been able to gain some useful knowledge from some of your videos. Would love to see some new how-to stuff on your channel. 

Take care and see ya at the races!

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redlinederby 12/2/20
Site manager

Ha, nice to know you haven't forgotten the address of this old bar! Glad you're doing well and having fun with the welding. Your beginner guide threads are still helping novices get started, that's for sure. Hope you can join a race here or there, even if you're not available to host.

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72_Chevy_C10 12/3/20
Event coordinator

Thanks Guys! I hope to put together some content on the car/cars that I am working on for 2021 D64 Open class...and I should do a build thread here as well...been quite a while since I've done that...should be good fun :)

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