And the Ferrari 458 FTE gets beat!

Jobe Tuesday, 4/5/2011

Another great night of racing here in Austin tonight! Got a cold front in this morning and it held though for a lovely evening with a little wind.

Had a full 16 car bracket for stock class this evening...some really good racing went down tonight.
The final was an all metal Ferrari Testarossa vs. Ferrari 458 FTE.
And the 458 went down, but not by much! Huge upset though.

One of the quickest cars this evening was a 71 Dodge hot pink!

Did a buy in race tonight with 16 Hot Rod style cars.
Final came down to a 1997 First Edition Way 2 Fast and a 32 Ford hot rod...with the hot rod taking the win in a coin even lost lane choice. The finish was super close. I need to take photos before I take them out...winner gave the runner up his car, I thought that was awesome.

Great turn out from all of my die hard fans and a couple of new folks showed up as well.

Good times had by all.

Definately need to rethink my points for the points series...same guy won last time and tonight. But everyone is excited and even remembered to bring their points cards back this time...too awesome.

One idea that came up tonight was doing a 5 minute modified race. Everyone gets a new car out of the package and gets 5 minutes to modify it and race. I think it could be pretty cool...tape a bunch of pennies to your car!

I of course didn't take any photos...too busy running the it dark!

That is all...stay tuned for next months race!


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redlinederby 4/5/11
Site manager

I think an on the spot mod race would be cool. Pennies, yeah, but i bet some folks bring heir dremel ready to grind! That would be fun. Sound like a good time. Weather is getting better here too...ready for some warmth.

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redlinederby 4/5/11
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I also should say that the 458 getting beat doesn't surprise me. I think that car is all hype I think if it went up against some of the hall of fame and retired cars, it would get beat early...maybe we'll see that one day...

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Bandeezee 4/16/11

I'm not trying to hijack your thread or anything, but my family just had a race and the 458 FTE got beat by a new model this year called, "Retro-Active." Link goes to image from South Texas Diecast website. It's pretty long, but plastic. Funny thing is I happen to be running a Retro-Active and got beat by the 458 FTE 1st round, then my cousin's Retro-Active beat the 458 FTE in the final. I think as long as the 458 FTE doesn't get squirrely it's a dang fast car.

I have to agree, we also discovered this car within the last couple of weeks. At some point, I will have to run it up against our FTE Ferrri.

Retro-Acive did lose against the new blue Fast Fish in a battle of 16 cars that we picked. In my competivie league, someone else's Retro-Active made it to the final four against me and the Ferrari Testarossa "The Legend" beat him in the final race.

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Jobe 4/17/11

I just bought one of those but haven't tried it out on the track yet....hmm....

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