And The Hot Wheels Room Is Done!

HotWheelsCalgary Friday, 11/9/2018


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redlinederby 11/9/18
Site manager

Very nice, sir! I love the layered/tiered tables supporting the to have those cars being "parked" en masse around like that. And we appreciate the logo shout out :)

  • I've been wanting to put your logo up for a while, but until now, didn't really have a place to put it... More than happy to advertise for you! And yes... I'm in love with this new setup!! I'm glad you love it too! — HotWheelsCalgary
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LeagueofSpeed 11/9/18
Event coordinator

Well Done Aaron!!! Love the set-up!!!

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41-14 11/9/18

Great job Aaron. Looking good. Track looks awesome and the room is amazing. Now to buy more cars. Lol

Love the new set up

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Dadvball 11/9/18

Awesome job!  I'd give anything to have an area that size to play in. What did you use to hang the cars on the Great Wall of Hotwheels?

  • Across the wall is 2 sections of 2x4 end to end with a 2x8 piece in the middle to hold it together and to secure it into the window well without marking up the wall face. Then for the downwards, those are chains of zipties. It works really well.. it's cheap, and allows movement of cars up and down as cars are added/removed. And I only have this area for a while.. the house is a rental... but we'll see what happens down the road. — HotWheelsCalgary
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Rusty 11/11/18

Great looking setup.You sir are having fun!!

Rusty H

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