Another '72 Chevy...

72_Chevy_C10 Saturday, 2/15/2020
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For tge past few years, I've been driving a '73 Chevy Cheyenne 20...and I had sold my namesake '72 Chevy C10. But, I have been missing that '72,  and I jyst came across another one...only this one is a 20 series Cheyenne, and, probably nicer than my first '72.

So, now I feel good about being called "72 Chevy" again :) The cool things about this truck...originally a big block truck (current a 292, will probably get an LS, eventually)...and it has dealer installed utility boxes (never seen them before)...


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Mattman213 2/15/20

Love it!  Gonna keep the utility bed or swap?  It's like Farm Trucks brother Work Truck!


  • truck, ghat's pretty good! the utility bed will stay...I dig the look of it with the dealer installed boxes — 72_Chevy_C10
  • I'm a Ford guy through and through but I loooove the ole square body Chevy trucks! That one is unique for sure — Mattman213
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