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Nightstalker 11/15/16

Diecast Cars Hot Wheels Matchbox

I remember that one.

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WorpeX 11/17/16

Got an email from Traction Event so thought i'd post since apparently people still remember me! 

Sadly, I'll be out of racing for awhile still. My track, cars and tools are at my parents house which I moved out from about two years ago. I'm about 2 hours away from them and my apartment is far too small to house all that stuff. I do really want to make a new racing video one day, maybe around christmas time i'll have time to do one. Until then, all my video's are still up for those who want to re-vist them!


  • Great to hear from you! top notch vids — Traction-Event
  • Ah yes the Worped one, Good to hear ya doin OK out there. — Nightstalker
  • hot wheels video pioneer WORPEX... lane 2 — fordman

Redline Revival II

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