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Nightstalker Friday, 10/28/2016

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Wow, where did everyone go? Not everyone, I see a few names I know. No races pending and Summer is over? If anyone else is outa hiding for the Winter shout out. maybe we can get something going. AHHHH nice to be back. For now anyway. lol  What can we come up with on a normal type of car theme?....Anyone?


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FOTF 10/28/16

Maybe another open Middleweight Challenge? Pickup Trucks? Series that allows only the parts of non-HW/MBX/JLs (though that might not count as "normal")?

  • Normal is as the racers like, lol, throw out an idea and see who likes it. — Nightstalker
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Traction-Event 10/28/16

Been lurking of late... Moto race season is over. 

Cold season is closing in... built one car for fun a week ago... 

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aircooled 10/28/16

Cars are being put up for the winter and small car racing is spinning up.

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72_Chevy_C10 10/29/16
Event coordinator

Hey Stalker!

I'm still here too! More races coming over the winter! :)

  • See if you can get some new/different people interested in organizing events as well! — FOTF
  • Maybe I can finally do that Heavyweight Challenge I'd threatened a while back over Christmas break. — FOTF
  • Hey Chev! How ya been? — Nightstalker
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delta6 10/30/16

I'm just wrestling issues of space & time. And, I don't mean time travel. Lol

I just have to be somewhat selective instead of trying to make every race.

And I really wish I could host more, but again time & space...

Eventually I hope to construct a permanent track when we buy a home.

But I still check in if I'm not racing just to see what you guys are building.

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fordman 10/30/16

speaking of time travel, i bought a metal drill, old one, pre chuck key [2 pair of plyers], well they must have oiled it with "lionel train" smoke making oil... close your eyes pull the drill's trigger and for a second you are back in time !

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gtaman 10/31/16

I am here, made a 25ft track 6 lanes wide w/ digital timer.  How do I host one of these "races" you all talk about.

What kinna race you want to run?

I am thinking a stocker winner takes all race in November?  What do you think?

The site has definitely died down as of late.

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gtaman 10/31/16

Lets do a muscle car stock race, winner takes all...

Torino, chevelle, camaro, etc.

  • Good old USA Muscle on a card? — Nightstalker
  • I'm up for that! Though maybe rather than WTA, donate a car similar to or the casting equivalent of the car entered. — FOTF
  • Donated to the winner, that is. — FOTF

Anyone remember the "Beater Burnout"??? Great event

I'd like to see something like this done with Blackwall wheels... just not sure how to pin down the rules in regards to wheel types.. years...

  • I'm not sure if I made it to the second round once in that event--though I DID win the most beat-up car contest ... guess that makes sense. — FOTF
  • Maybe do a race for the old MBXs--the ones with the ancient wheels certainly not built for speed. — FOTF
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72_Chevy_C10 11/7/16
Event coordinator

Did you say "Beater"? You know that I'm up for that race! :)

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CrzyTrkrDude 11/7/16

Maybe it is time to do the....

Farm truck. Beater race????????

Any pre 79 body truck, with farm equipment, or feed bags, or hay bales in the bed or on the flatbed....


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2seven 11/14/16

Hey guys hope all is well for everyone. Here at Park Place Raceway  (Dayton, OH) we are awaiting Santa to bring us another mouth to feed! 2 boys and 2 great danes will keep me busy but, look forward to what this website brings and will try to jump in and play again, all the best to you all.......


  • congrats on the addition... hope to race with you soon — Traction-Event
  • want us to call you "3 seven" or "2 eight" ? — fordman
  • Congrats! Hope to see ya back in some races...whenever you get a chance! — 72_Chevy_C10

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