Anybody interested in live racing?

2seven Saturday, 1/2/2016

I have been playing around with this idea. There is a free app on smart phones called Periscope. It allows for people to create an account and follow you as you post live (real time) videos. I have created a profile as Park Place Raceway or @Park_PL_Raceway. If you download the app and follow me there, I can post dates and times I will run upcoming races and you can watch the video/races as they happen. You can also type messages as the races are run. You'll be able to hear me but I am unable to hear you so you have to text the messages to communicate. If you follow me and are unable to watch live, no worries the vids are still be available to watch later.

If there is interest, I will do my best to put on a good show for you all. This idea will solicit questions Im sure, so post here and we can work through it together!



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redlinederby 1/4/16
Site manager

I have intentions of live streaming the Pro Series races, but with YouTube rather than Periscope. Guess I'm just not hip to Periscope. Live streaming won't have the ability to slow-mo anything but I see it as a way to make things more of an "event" while also removing the need to edit videos later.

My plan is to live stream the entire process all through the night, from weigh-in to racing and results, all with my rambling commentary and reactions. It'll be a long night but I think it will be more engaging as a live event plus it will get results/action in front of people quicker rather than waiting for me to find time to edit, annotate and upload later. It's easier for me to spend more time up front and then shoot live than it is to edit later...or maybe it's just my time spent in TV news that makes me think in terms of live rather than recorded.

I'd be interested to see how you setup for your Periscope stuff, and how that actually works out being delivered. I'm not partial to YouTube streaming or any other service, it's just easiest for me right now. Maybe I should Periscope some of it (like the weigh-in) but then long stream the racing itself...hmmm...

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72_Chevy_C10 1/5/16
Event coordinator

I have periscope on my phone and I've watched a bunch of stuff, but I've never broadcast. Is there a 'record' of your broadcast kept? Or does it just go out into the ether and that's it? I'm just thinking of the people that don't have periscope.

Another thing is the slow motion action...that really does make watching the races fun. 

My 2 cents :)

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redlinederby 1/5/16
Site manager

My plan with slow-mo is to (hopefully) get/edit video from the live stream that YouTube saves and edit that down into a highlight reel at some point. It won't be great slow-mo like the iPhone spits out but it's something. I figure that if I live stream stuff that will give folks something to watch right away so a delayed release of a highlight show won't be so anti-climactic. 

I'll be doing a dry run soon before the first Pro Series, so I'll need some help testing and watching...

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