Anyone have some of the older but new FTE cars or trucks for sale?

SaltyRatNutz Tuesday, 2/4/2020

looking for some fte (copper wheels ))cars or truck that you think would be fast out of the box ? need for a local car club race  need them to be in the box


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WorpeX 2/4/20

Contact JDC442 on this site. He was selling a ton of them last week. I don't know how much he still has left, but it would be worth it to check.

  • He moved his FTE selling to eBay so scout there too...not sure if his username is similar. — redlinederby
  • how do i find him ?i am new on here — SaltyRatNutz
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redlinederby 2/6/20
Site manager

Here's an updated set of links to JDC's eBay listings for FTEs.

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