Anyone playing Car Town Streets?

slash288 Wednesday, 2/13/2013

I didnt think i would play it long, but the farther i got in the more it grabs you.

you build a town, collect cars and race them.

im not so much into the building the town stuff as i am collecting the cars and building the race teams to race against other users. its mind blowing trying to setup a race team to beat other people and defend from them taking your trophies away.

Was just curious if anyone else was playing as i have no facebook friends playing on there yet, so i live on an island.


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redlinederby 2/13/13
Site manager

Is this a video game? What's it on? Sounds cool, I'd like to check it out.

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slash288 2/13/13

Its on the phone, i have it on the IPhone, but i think its on other models also.

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slash288 2/14/13

I forgot to mention that there are Hotwheels cars in the game.

and orange track you can use for roads.

Trying to find the Twin Mill now. I seen a bone shaker and a couple more in the upper levels.

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