Anyone tried Magracing?

redlinederby Thursday, 5/24/2018
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I was looking up slot car videos on the YouTube and came across Magracing...?! Looks like it's tiny 1/32 scale R/C cars that you control like normal, but they have magnetic strips so they can still stay on the road and in lanes.

Anyone have it or played with it?

It was fascinating to watch and comes off looking like a bit of magic.


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Sweet 5/25/18

Looks like it's been around for a few years and never caught on.

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Rusty 5/25/18

Know of a few that Tried it.Almost did my self.It is a RC car that has a mag on the chassis that follows a wire inbedded in the track.From what they said it "kinda" worked..Looks cool..

  • Yeah, it looks awesome but also looked expensive. Couldn't find any sort of kits for it or anything...felt very ad hoc type of thing. — redlinederby
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