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model40fan Saturday, 11/22/2014

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How about a late spring "Anything that meets the rules series" ...GOIN' GAUDY...

The rules ;

Drilled rivets,

 under 50 Grams,

1.3" tall,

3.5" long,

 orange track wide,

multiple entries... 2, 3, 4 ...?

Cars, trucks, vans, busses, cement mixers, ambulances, police cars, dune buggies, hot rods, locomotives, muscle cars, hearses, garbage trucks, caravans, fantasies, wagons, funny cars, drag cars etc.

Maybe a car show, with prizes, at the Johnies club meeting [second Sunday, Month], with their Race Committee as judges...?

To start after the "Curves" and other upcoming series.... April or May... ?

heet............ when........where....... who .... hosts - [dadvbal, c10, sloppy jalopies]

February  start

heet #1...C10 ... 2/1 SUN.

heet #2...DADVBAL... 2/7 SAT.

heet #3...LJLRC...2/8 SUN.

heet #4... ?

heet #5.. ?


... Entrants ;

rally case


traction event



...........   redline derby ?......go B go !

sloppy jalopies

fastalkers = fast-fred and night-stalker

k n o racing

comments... ?


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72_Chevy_C10 11/22/14
Event coordinator

Under 50 grams, run whatever...I think I might be able to find something around here...count me in!

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cliffordshaw 11/22/14

I'd do that.  With a great list of possibilities like that, Please allow for more than one entry!

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Stroller 11/23/14

Sounds like fun. Now I can run a Twin Mill.....Stroller

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72_Chevy_C10 11/24/14
Event coordinator

I've already got some ideas for this one. You'll probably see some childhood favorites brought up to speed!

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Traction-Event 11/24/14

Yup, this is where the fantasy cars can come out and play... I"m watchin this one...

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model40fan 11/24/14

should we run them at tracks with taller finishes to let some bigger stuff fit .?... sloppy finish is 6" or so, 6 lane can be raised for clearance... what do you think ?

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redlinederby 11/24/14
Site manager

I dig this one too. Since it's next year I should have my workshop up and running by then. I have several cars lined up that I want to build, but they're just combos that I think will make fast cars - so I'll have to wait for tourneys like this to enter since theme won't matter.

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Dadvball 11/24/14

I'm in!  Depending on when we start and include running them in Lincoln I'll run the week before or after at my house. Johnnies usually meet the 2nd Sunday of the month. I can confirm the date with Jeremy once the month is decided. 

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72_Chevy_C10 11/24/14
Event coordinator

I can host on this one, too, Smitty...whatever date works.

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KandORacing 11/27/14

OK I'll bite, sign me up Smitty. I can host if needed, I will be building a new track soon using Protecto Pak seamless track & a Micro Wizzard timer, with an LJLRC style start gate.

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72_Chevy_C10 11/28/14
Event coordinator

Hey Smitty,

Why don't you schedule this race for after the Sedan race In February?  I can host the first race if you like...and then, up to DadVBall's.

I'm hoping to run the Tran-Am 'curves" race In the Spring, in case anyone would like to set their tracks up outside. And the Beater trucks can wait for a bit...we are running trucks next month (and Hot Rods!).

What do you think?

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model40fan 11/28/14

I'm in ...

 first heet Sussex, NJ. Sun. February the 1st,

second heet  Seekonk, MA. Sat. the 7th,

third heet Lincoln, RI. Sun.the 8th.. 

fourth heet  ?

fifth heet  ?

 finals ?

  • Like I said I can host. But I wouldn't do finals since some never payed for their cars back in my Matchbox series — KandORacing
  • gonna try and work our way cross country to you... — model40fan
  • OK Cool. I guess I can do finals if needed — KandORacing
  • Not sure what my eye situation will be later to host. — Stroller

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