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How about a late spring "Anything that meets the rules series" ...GOIN' GAUDY...

The rules ;

Drilled rivets,

 under 50 Grams,

1.3" tall,

3.5" long,

 orange track wide,

multiple entries... 2, 3, 4 ...?

Cars, trucks, vans, busses, cement mixers, ambulances, police cars, dune buggies, hot rods, locomotives, muscle cars, hearses, garbage trucks, caravans, fantasies, wagons, funny cars, drag cars etc.

Maybe a car show, with prizes, at the Johnies club meeting [second Sunday, Month], with their Race Committee as judges...?

To start after the "Curves" and other upcoming series.... April or May... ?

heet............ when........where....... who .... hosts - [dadvbal, c10, sloppy jalopies]

February  start

heet #1...C10 ... 2/1 SUN.

heet #2...DADVBAL... 2/7 SAT.

heet #3...LJLRC...2/8 SUN.

heet #4... ?

heet #5.. ?


... Entrants ;

rally case


traction event



...........   redline derby ?......go B go !

sloppy jalopies

fastalkers = fast-fred and night-stalker

k n o racing

comments... ?

Under 50 grams, run whatever...I think I might be able to find something around here...count me in!

I'd do that.  With a great list of possibilities like that, Please allow for more than one entry!


Sounds like fun. Now I can run a Twin Mill.....Stroller

I've already got some ideas for this one. You'll probably see some childhood favorites brought up to speed!

Yup, this is where the fantasy cars can come out and play... I"m watchin this one...

should we run them at tracks with taller finishes to let some bigger stuff fit .?... sloppy finish is 6" or so, 6 lane can be raised for clearance... what do you think ?

I dig this one too. Since it's next year I should have my workshop up and running by then. I have several cars lined up that I want to build, but they're just combos that I think will make fast cars - so I'll have to wait for tourneys like this to enter since theme won't matter.

I'm in!  Depending on when we start and include running them in Lincoln I'll run the week before or after at my house. Johnnies usually meet the 2nd Sunday of the month. I can confirm the date with Jeremy once the month is decided. 

thanks bill

I can host on this one, too, Smitty...whatever date works.

OK I'll bite, sign me up Smitty. I can host if needed, I will be building a new track soon using Protecto Pak seamless track & a Micro Wizzard timer, with an LJLRC style start gate.


Hey Smitty,

Why don't you schedule this race for after the Sedan race In February?  I can host the first race if you like...and then, up to DadVBall's.

I'm hoping to run the Tran-Am 'curves" race In the Spring, in case anyone would like to set their tracks up outside. And the Beater trucks can wait for a bit...we are running trucks next month (and Hot Rods!).

What do you think?

I'm in ...

 first heet Sussex, NJ. Sun. February the 1st,

second heet  Seekonk, MA. Sat. the 7th,

third heet Lincoln, RI. Sun.the 8th.. 

fourth heet  ?

fifth heet  ?

 finals ?

Like I said I can host. But I wouldn't do finals since some never payed for their cars back in my Matchbox series
gonna try and work our way cross country to you...
OK Cool. I guess I can do finals if needed
Not sure what my eye situation will be later to host.

Hey Guys,

I'm not usually a 'hey, look what I found' kind of guy....but...Hey, look what I found!

I'm thinking that one of these needs to be modded for this race...I mean, come on, he could use 'The Force'!

Hmmm, maybe a Batmobile too... that way I'd have Darth Vader and Batman driving for me! :)

very cool rides, but scarey..

I've got some ideas for this one. I'm really looking forward to seeing what will turn up for this race!

And, I think I will schedule the Trans-Am race for after this one

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