April and May Races

iowastockcars Sunday, 5/22/2011

I didn't get a chance to update the April races, so I will cover both races.

My oldest son (Newman39), entered his Power Piston that won the car of the year in the rookie division from 2010. This car keeps placing and earning him points, but hasn't yet won the monthly races. This month was more of the same as it came home in third place in the final race and earned him 6 points/"dollars". Getting points from this car every month, will go a long ways towards placing in the top 4 at the end of the year to earn a trophy.

In the rookie class, I picked up my first win ever in the league. The top car in Redline, finally pulled out a win for me. I had a race off with the famed Ferrari Testarose and a MX48 Turbo. The Turbo had gotten second place in March, but for this day the Testarossa pulled out the head to head battle and was the car that I had to enter in the final race and it won the race. That gave me 10 points/10 "dollars".

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In the SlowPoke (last to cross the finish line) class, my youngest son (Busch18) won with a car that was half an inch short from being the car of the year in 2010. He had entered it in February (didn't make it to the final 4), March--a 2nd place finish, and then this month he won the race. 10 points and 10 "dollars" for him.

In the Late Model division my oldest son and I both got a car into the final four race. He had the Indy 500 Pace Car-2010 Camero SS and I had the 2007 Chevy Tahoe. He came home in 3rd and I got 4th place. He got 3 points"dollars" and I got 1 point/"dollar".

In the Truck class, we found another 2009 Ford F-150 and my youngest son enterd this truck. He almost pulled an upset and just barley lost to the truck of the year from 2010. That gave him 6 points/dollars.

In the Muscle car class, we didnt place in the top four for the month after entering 7 cars. The same with the Super Stock class, no top 4.

For the FTE class, my oldest son entered a Ferrari 458 FTE and took home 3rd place there and got 3 points/"dollars". Wasn't a great month, but wasn't bad either.

We needed to improve on April, so we opened some cars that we had in packages to beef up our entries and it worked!

In the kids class, for the first time my oldest sons Power Piston did not make the final 4 race. However, my youngest son did by entering a car that has done well in Redline--the SOOO Fast Blue version. That gave him 3 points/"dollars".

In the Rookie class I was blowing through my opponents and had three cars race against each other to determine which one of my cars was to race in the final 4 race. The car that made it to the final was the car that had gotten 2nd two months ago and lost out to the April champion last month. My MX48 Turbo Car. That is two championships in two months. I got 10 points/10 "dollars"

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In the slow poke race, after we lost our best car--we didn't find any that could make into the final four---yet!

My youngest son and I both had cars in the Late Model division that made it into the final four. My son had the F racer going who made it to the final 4 in February. I had the Datsun Bluebird-White Version. My son got 3rd and I got 4th. He got 3 points/"dollars". I got 1 point/1"dollar. My son is the only person to get points in all 4 races in this division this year.

My youngest son entered the same 2009 Ford F-150 that he entered last month in the Late Model divison that we knew flew. Last month he got 2nd place. This month, he easily got first. My son was celebrating the win and it was only half way done, it was that much of a blowout. 10 points/10 "dollars" for him.

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In the Muscle My older son entered a 1968 Nova that he got for Easter that was an all metal car. I didn't expect much as it was good, but not great on my track--but this car flew on the track. It was an easy win for my son. 10 points/dollars.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

In the Super Stock division, I entered a Rocket Oil Special. I wasn't sure what to expect but I really liked the look and the feel of the car for racing. It didn't dissapoint as it come home in 3rd place. 3 points/"dollars".

In the FTE class my son entered a different Ferrari 458 FTE car and took home 2nd place and got 6 points/"dollars".

After 4 monthly races, we are leading points of 6 of the 8 divisions now. In the two divsions that we aren't leading we are 4th and 6th.


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JDC442 5/22/11

Thanks for the update! I didn't know you actually win dollars for racing. Too cool. Again, I wish we had something like that over here in Washington. It sounds like a lot of fun.
My fiancée got me that Easter Nova a couple months ago. Good to know it's fast.

The "dollars" earned allow you to spend money on other cars/prizes that they have available on their prize table. We have come home with 40+ new cars by using the money that we have earned. Its a cool setup that the league has.

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redlinederby 5/23/11
Site manager

That's a great idea - like tickets at the arcade. You collect and cash them in for stuff. Why didn't I think of that?!

Now that's giving me ideas....

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Jobe 5/23/11

Yeah me too! I wish I could figure out how to get more people involved, especially kids.

Of course I haven't had the time or trying very hard either!

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JDC442 5/23/11

I would think that the league Iowastockcars is involved in probably started small like yours Jobe, so just keep working at it and your races will keep growing. I keep saying I'd love to have a league like that where I live. Guess I should probably do something about that myself huh?

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