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Jobe Sunday, 3/6/2011

Monday is my first race of the season down here in Austin. I'll be running the same event, but for the next three races I will be holding a points series in stock class. Here are my rules...

Austin Diecast Drags presents:

2011 Spring Point Series

The points series will consist of three races, to be held the first Monday of March, April and May at 8pm at the Dog and Duck Pub, weather permitting.

The points series will be open to Stock class only, each player is allowed to enter two cars per race event. Stock class is open to all makes of diecast cars with no modifications, if they fit on the track and through the finish gate they are allowed.

Races will be a single elimination bracket and each racer automatically gets 100 points for each car entered. Racers will get 200 points for a runner-up position and winners will get 400 points. Winning car will be ‘garaged’ and not allowed to race at the next two events. After the last race the points will be tallied and the winner and runner up will get bonus prizes. In the event of a tie, a final race will be run with the racers choice of car, including any ‘garaged’ cars they might have.

I made little score cards for the racers to take with them, thought it might be fun.

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redlinederby 3/7/11
Site manager

Love the hand out cards, they look sharp. But where's the web address!? Marketing, marketing, marketing

Of course, what do I know...I don't even do public races because I'm lazy. But when I get there, I'll be using the card hand out idea for sure. Fun stuff.

Hope your series goes well. I need to set your club up with some promo codes and maybe some of my own Redline handouts, maybe get a few more people in the league for some fun.

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Jobe 3/7/11

I'll try and do a little promotion for you, I think a few of the guys would be interested in the league.
Everyone knows my website...but I should through a little dot com after the logo.

Doing an 8 car FTE buy-in tonight. I found 8 of them that had the same size wheels and all plastic bottoms. I'm interested to see how they do...thinking I might run it as a double elimination.

I really like the double elimination format, more racing and more chances to do well for each. But I think it would take forever and I would end up having to take control of all the cars up front to keep it straight and I think that takes some of the fun out of it. Right now I let each person stage their own car, I just flip the gate, call out names and keep score.

I might bring it up tonight and see what the feedback is...problem is I have no idea how many racers will show up so I have to create the bracket by hand each time, but I've got pointers on that now when I found that pre-made bracket website for any number of entries.

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Jobe 3/8/11


Last night was a great night for racing, good weather and good people. Most of my regulars were in attendance with a few new folks in the mix, including a 4 year old boy who was definitely out past his bedtime! He was so excited about the whole thing and kept sending his Woody down the track saying ‘That’s wins!’ Had 18 cars entered in stock class and ran my race. The kid was in the last bracket, and lost to a Vette FTE. He could not believe he lost and got a little sad, always sad to see a little boy upset. I dug into my bag of tricks and pulled out a Mystery Car package and handed it to him and said thanks for playing…made his day!

Anyway…some pretty good races last night with 3 going to coin toss for lane choice including the final! Final came down to two 2010 issue 1967 Camaros….the really fast all metal ones…orange vs. black. A surprise running by an all metal T-Bucket, one to keep an eye out for.

Only two mod’s showed up, a FTE’d out GMC RV vs. a weighted Carbonator FTE…another fast ride. Carbonator won.
Also had an 8 car FTE buy in race last night. I selected 8 FTE cars, all the same wheel package (small in front, medium in back) and all metal body, plastic bases. Had a lotus, several vettes, and some other older issues. The winner of the night, theFerrari 458 Itallia FTE, it dominated the field crushing all that came before it. It’s definitely going to be a car to be reckoned with this season.

So the points series is on, we’ll see how it works out…

As usual…I forgot my camera! It’s dark anyway. I know someone was shooting, I’ll have to get some photos.

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Bandeezee 3/13/11

Sounds like it was a blast. Can't wait to get the 458 FTE you sent back with my cars to see how fast it is. I have two of the 458 Italias from last year and raced one. It made it to the finals in our race, but got squirly in it's final run and lost to a F-150 (2009 I think). It could've just been our track. We race on BluTrack, but we haven't built any support for it to lay on. So, it's normally laying on a walkway of pavers and has a wooden beam for support on the downhill. Sometimes the track gets pretty soft on a hot day and you can feel each divot in the pavers through the track. Still a damn fast car, so I'm hoping the FTE is even faster Thanks again for the free car, can't wait to see it.

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Jobe 4/4/11

Next race tonight...might have a small turnout after this past weekend of big car show in town....we'll see.

Hope the weather holds out for ya!

Great looking cards.

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