Axle alignment jigs now on sale

redlinederby Monday, 8/7/2023
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The official Redline Derby axle alignment jig is now on sale for $12 to celebrate the opening of the new Slanman Customs store. No promo code required!

Order your RLD axle jig from Slanman Customs

And while you're shopping, check out the other track accessories Slanman Customs has on their shelves. Open track timing systems, track curves & extensions, and model pieces for your diorama track.

Why do you need an axle jig? If your axles are not parallel, the car may "steer" into the walls more often. You want your car to roll as straight as possible so it bounces off the walls as little as possible.

A jig can help a make your axles more parallel than doing it by eye, especially if you're using tubes to create your own axles.

It's a great tool that every modder should have ready to go on your workbench.


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redlinederby 8/9/23
Site manager

Jigs are flying off the shelf! Did you order yours yet?

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