Where to buy replacement axles, help needed

IndianaDiecastRacing Wednesday, 7/15/2020

I have an older redline McLaren I'm trying to refurbish.  The axles were so mangled I had to rip them out....is there someone that sells replacements or is there a better way to put the new wheels and axles on this one?


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Mattman213 7/15/20

Ive found some old redline axles on Ebay but they are straight and you will have to do some simple mods to make them fit.


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72_Chevy_C10 7/15/20

Bright vision wheels sells really nice wheels...I'm not sure if he can help with axles. Another option would be to swap in wheels from a newer 'anniversary' car...the 50th anniversary cars had nice wheels...you'd just have to be sure the axle length is correct

Redline Shop - redlineshop.com

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