Bare Muscle II - Pics, Results and Videos

72_Chevy_C10 Friday, 6/5/2015

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This thread  will be for, as the name implies,  race pics, results and videos.

I can't wait to see how this one shakes  out!


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Michigan round Bracket and 1st round match ups...

All names placed in a hat, had my oldest pull the 57g class, and youngest pulled the 40g class.  here's where the chips fell...speak now or forever hold your peace.

Still using the old camera. The new one and I don't get along. ran some test cars down the track and could not get the results we are used to on the screen...sometimes it's better to leave things as is. I'll have the video up by Sunday, 

Another note prior to starting, this field is stacked with heavily modified racers, polished wheels, graphite, axle tubes, weight, narrowed wheels...and not from the veterans in the race, lots of newcomers with fresh ideas. these guys have been taking notes and putting them to practice. Everything rolls smooth and straight, this is gonna be a great race...Bare Muscle has brought out our best!


40g match ups

57g match ups

full bracket

Good looking match-ups! That Torino of Stroller's ought to be a good test for yourChevelle, TE! And I get to be the 'Welcome Committee' for JDC in the 40 grams" (the Javelin was actually the faster of the two 40 gram cars here!)

I'll be looking forward to seeing how this plays out!

  • The 40 gram GTO isn't nearly as fast as I had hoped, so don't be too worried. — JDC442
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KandORacing 6/5/15

Oh boy... I am up against JDC first round... Gotta hope my graphite is worn in enough. Only ran it once or twice after graphite application before being shipped out. Good luck guys!

1st race is complete, video to follow... 

Let me say this, there are some very fast cars that went out early in this race. The random draw and different tracks will have an impact on such close race cars. In fact some of the margins of victory were too close to call by eye, I was glad to have the electronic finish line to decide the winners. Wishing I had a better timing system most of the race. 

It was a privilege to host this opening round, first look at all these amazing builds. I'll reserve any further comments till all have seen the video, I will also post the final backet later for ease of sorting points. 

Congrats to the class winners, and the chase is on for a spot on the trophy!!!

I have the video set as unlisted, so you will need to use the link provided to find and view it. Please let me know if you have any issues.

  • Awesome work on the races! Congrats to the winners! — Diecast64
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2seven 6/7/15

Im disappointed again, I thought for sure I'd win, kidding! Bad A@@ video TE and great racing to everyone congrats to the series 1 winners!

Maybe a bare metal series where the sides have color only in the future....


  • You got some seriously fast rides... — Traction-Event
  • I thought that Torino looked speedy...I I should build all cars last minute! — 72_Chevy_C10
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2seven 6/7/15

Thanks TE, funny you say that, one of the cars I submitted ran the fastest "unofficial" time as it was only testing of 1.98 on my track.

Ironically, your drag truck (#36?) is the official fastest at 2.00 ET. I think my gold fat fender car ran 2.01 but, I'll conform that later. Im working on building a Park Place Raceway results page with photos, weight and ETs.


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JDC442 6/7/15

Great video Traction!!  Way to win the 40!

The field is tougher than ever as I expected -maybe I should have stayed retired.

Whoever gifted that car to Stroller is probably scratching their head right now ;)  That Torino is insanely fast!

Great job taking my GTO out to get 3rd Smitty!  

  • Smitty's 40g gasser is quick! Still glad to have you with us JDC — Traction-Event
  • Yup, it's not the first time I've built fast rental cars! Agreed, glad to have you racing with us! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • c10 needs to open up a rental racer lot. Great job TE. I'm still kicking myself for not finishing mine. Curtis' cars did ok for 1st timer. — FatMike
  • Comet Curt has some well built cars, wins will come... — Traction-Event
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KandORacing 6/7/15

WOW! You certainly weren't kidding when you said everything was fast, TE. I was a little dissapointed in my rides, but I was happy to see my Firebird so close behind JDC!

Congratulations to the winners!

  • That Firebird is quick...very quick. One to watch in my book. — Traction-Event

Well, that certainly was a fun start to this series! Close racing across the board! It's going to be interesting to watch...the point battles are going to be great to watch...I'd say that JDC442 and CCRIder both got off to good starts in the team race!

  • yup, my first round beating in the 57g class was painful... — Traction-Event

Not sure who can take on the Stroller rental...that thing is a monster. But I do think there are a number of cars in the running for 2nd place, JDC, CCR, K&O, C-10-, also Comet Curt's ride is solid and has all the right ideas.

40g class is gonna be tight...lots of very close racing here... again, CCR, Smitty's Gasser... Happy Campers Mustang, 2Seven, D6's Chevelle...


  • Did you pay attention to the times? — KandORacing
  • my track is the original, not the reaction time is not seperated — Traction-Event

Luck of the draw id going to play a part in this one...lots of quick cars!

You'll like the story with that's the same chassis that was under the Vlad the Impala car! I needed a car for Stroller, and I knew that chassis was a pretty good roller, so I popped the Impala body off and the weight. I made new weights and fit the Torino body...didn't touch the chassis! That is a bone stock 300 chassis...not polished, not just has the axles glued in! And, it's already been through one tournament!

I was pretty surprised to see how quick it was!

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