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Battle of the Builders

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redlinederby 2/14/20
Site manager

Due to the post office holdiay on Monday 2/17, the deadline has been extended to Wednesday 2/19. The last pickup will be late afternoon. But even with an extra day, your cars should probably get into the mail this weekend if they're not on their way already.

There will be no pickup on Thursday or Friday. I need those days to tag all the cars and prep for racing. Any cars that arrive after the cutoff will be returned over the following week along with all other entries.

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redlinederby Yesterday
Site manager

Here are the cars making up Team Redline Derby. Elite crew, if I may say so myself.

RLD Racing / Nissan 180SX

Traction Event / Porsche Panamera

Go Time Racing / Muscle Speeder

League of Speed / BMW M1

Mattman213 / Silver Bullet

Sam Dany / Gov'ner

Worpex Racing / Shadow Jet

Voxxer Racing / Mitsubishi Evo

I don't have photos of the Autobody Specialists team cars yet, hopefully get those Thursday for a quick preview before the Friday race.

  • Good looking group of misfits right there. Hope they all do us proud! Worpex and I both tossing some vintage junk into the mix!!! — Mattman213
  • Oh yeah, vintage junk HYPE! I'm just hoping my car doesn't get completely embarrassed. — WorpeX
  • Nah itll be good, those suckers can be quick as is so hopefully with a little work yours will rip — Mattman213
  • That 180 looks familiar... — Traction-Event
  • Mattman213 - I see what you're doing with those wheels. — Team164Bruno
  • That Nissan has some smooth wheels...just re-did the guts a bit. It's going into the Downhill Drags too along with Snoopy. — redlinederby
  • Bruno, I found my first Zamac not too long ago and it was a Salt Shaker. Ive been messing with all colors and sizes of the skinny wheels and never could find a set that was smooth to save my life. I popped open the Zamac and they werent what I would call butter but they were WAY better than the rest so I tried them and the thing screamed. Hopefully after a quick polish and sanding they will continue to do so with this car. Ive since bought a handful more of them and they are all duds LOL — Mattman213
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Team164Bruno A few hours ago

Group shot of the Autobody Specialists's team along with the Battle of the Builders Award. Clearly we appear to be in the little leagues.. BUT.. there may be a surprise or two, or three, in that field. Tomorrow evening, David takes on Goliath again!!  - Bruno

  • You have home field advantage so you have an edge for sure — redlinederby
  • Never take the "underdog" lightly, especially 1) when they claim to be the underdog and 2) when they have home track advantage ;o) Gonna be fun, good luck everyone! — Mattman213

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