Before and After 2

Stroller Friday, 1/15/2016

Before and After 2

2 years ago I ran this race.  So here it is again. For those of you that did not see this one before this is how it goes.  Everybody sends in 2 cars. The first car is a stock car any manufacturer any make any model. It must still be in its unopened  bubble packaging.  Car 2 must be the exact same car only this one is to be a drilled rivet custom car. You must use the body and the chassis thats the same as the stock car , but you can customize them.  Just follow the rules below.  Last time you tried to best your stock car with your custom by fastest speed.  This time the cars will race the other entrants.  Stock vs stock and custom vs custom.  I am going to race them till we know 1st place down to last place.  This could take a while. Points will be rewarded by subtracting a cars place from the total number of cars.  So everybody will get some points except the last place car.  Then I will race the top four cars from each class for bonus points.  Scoring will be as before.  The team with the highest total stock , custom and bonus scores  wins.

More rules, dates and hosts to come....Got tired from typing.....69 years old in

A= Custom Car

B= Stock Car

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight minimum/maximum
  • A= 45/65.   B= 35/60
  • Size restrictions; length and height
  • A & B   length max 4 inches. Height max 1.3 inches
  • Must fit orange Hot Wheels Track
  • Cars per entrant/household, etc.
  • See rules intro.
  • Brand, body style, year, make/model requirements, etc.
  • See rules in intro.
  • Wheel limitations, requirements; B = What it came with.  A= Any
  • Stock cars allowed  B car
  • Must be drilled rivets A car
  • Dry lubes only
  • Misc requirements, one per line


Prizes will given to first through fourth place and a "special"  prize for the last place finisher.  Also any donation prizes will be given to whomever the donater wants.

How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter.

Are there any entry or shipping fees? If not, delete this line.

Where to send your cars

Address of the first host or directions on how to get that address, like a PM.

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

TBD. All entries must be received by the host before 00/00/0000

Scoring and Winning

Describe how someone wins the tournament. Include details about scoring, points system, elimination rules, etc.


Outline the penalties if a car fails to meet the requirements. Include any details about how a racer can get their entry fixed, adjusted, etc.

Tracks & Dates

TBD. Is this a series or single tournament? Describe how shipping will be handled between hosts, responsibilities, instructions, etc.

Series tracks
  • Date, State - Host username
  • Date, State - Host username
  • Date, State - Host username
  • Date, State - Host username
  • Date, State - Host username

Winners and Results

TBD. Mention the winner, the final results and include a picture of the winning car if available.


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72_Chevy_C10 1/15/16
Event coordinator

I missed this one the last time it ran...I was just starting racing on here. I look forward to it!

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fordman 1/15/16

hmmm... does one send a stocker, and a modded version of the same casting ?

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