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Before and After Series.

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Stroller 7/2/14

Well that was fun.  Not too bad for the debut racing and I certainly enjoyed the diversity of cars in the series.  Congratulations to all the winners hosts and participants.  Next series coming out of Spokane is going to be,  Cops and Robbers "The Chase"........coming soon........Stroller.

  • almost gave those cars away... let's roll ! — model40fan

Yes delta6,  I sent you return $ for series and both teams (rally case and weber cabin) so I wouldn't forget.  PM me if you need my mailing address.

Thanks for hosting

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Nightstalker 7/16/14

I thought I included return shipping with my cars. If I'm mistaken please let me know. I would like those cars back


  • yes, cars are goung out on Monday. sorry everybody, i just got real busy. — delta6
  • Thought maybe I goofed up. We know what busy is. Thanks Delt — Nightstalker
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model40fan 7/29/14

just got [2] hole shots, [2]  freds and both my cars... and somebody's.......  #39 a blue '55 bel-air gasser ? ? ?

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Stroller 7/29/14

I can understand you being sent that car, after all you are the "Gasser King"....:)....Stroller

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