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Victim_Of_Fate Wednesday, 10/13/2021

Hi all,

First post to this forum, but been lurking for a while. As I'm sure is the case for others, I discovered diecast racing during the pandemic, and have been enjoying watching videos on YouTube from the likes of 3dbotmaker, Ghostjerker and Races and Fun. I've bought a load of track from FB Marketplace and eBay, but I'm finding track building a challenge. I'm finding that a lot of the conversation on this site around track building is a few steps ahead of my level of understanding.

Are there any good resources which show the basics of the basic elements you need, how to build connect and support the track, how to prevent any of the common faults from occurring, etc. It may be that there are posts on this site which cover this but which I haven't been able to find, or that there are videos which cover some of this stuff. Can anybody help?


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Healer_Racing 10/13/21
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If you are interested in drag racing the Hot Wheels Super 6-lane Raceway is a great starter track.  Easy to set up and easily extendable.  It is available at most major online retailers for about $100.  

If you are interested in road corses then Crash Racers sets are a good place to start.  Also available at many online retailers and less expensive than vintage Sizzlers track.  

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