Best timer for open track ?

GuingoyoDiecastRacing Friday, 8/12/2022

Hi , do you know which is the best timer right now for open track?


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pratman2 8/13/22

I've been kind of wondering the same thing.  I've seen this PlayRobotics unit on Etsy which looks pretty close to some that I've seen used in races on YouTube.  It looks like it's built from an Arduino board with custom 3D printed parts.  He makes these for open fat track or multilane hotwheels track.  I've also seen some DIY options for much less, but it involves coding and probably 3D printing.

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Chaos_Canyon 8/13/22

I believe the JLH Krafts one is the most common now, there is also Slanman Customs. JLH is good because it ca be configured for different tracks. To see it in action, check out Manster Motorsports

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