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Bootleg Run Build Journal

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The trick was not to compromise the actual track when cutting in the pocket for the new tab....operation was a success.

Bootleg Run will stage down 4 times, with the  4th and final stage being at ground level to the finish line. This is one of the reasons....well the main reason it was/is going to be a more complex build than Tobacco Road, but it's  nothing I can't fact it makes it more fun for me, which is what this is all and comradery.

Okay, I think it's time to transition to the hard build stage. I always have to see a project, no matter what it is in my minds eye before I can get down to the brass tacks of it. The original vision has been completely scrapped...8' drop to two 90deg turn sections then an up and over the trestle bridge section to the finish line...I can do better than that. This is the basic build without giving to much away...

5' drop to Stage 1, which will be 2' off the floor leading into Turn 1 of the switchback, then a 6" drop into Turn 2 on Stage 2, then another 6" drop to the Trestle Bridge section (Stage 3) then  a  1' drop to ground level (Stage 4) and race to the it's time to build a road course like no other.


The track flattens back out at 2' exiting the turn, which is where the 6" drop will begin down to Turn 2/Stage 2.

  • I will build braces underneath the track exiting the turns to support lane bounce or sagging allowed. — LeagueofSpeed

It looks like the width of Bootleg Run will be around 44" and length TBD.

The basic blueprint of Bootleg Run, it will stage down so the cars can keep momentum as they race to the finish at ground level.

  • Also crafted the other road course feature we are set to start the hard build in July. — LeagueofSpeed
  • The 1st road course feature will be on the drop from stage 1 to 2 and the 2nd will be on the drop from stage 2 to 3 — LeagueofSpeed

Some notes moving forward...

Shout out to CC Rider, your Hollywood Road Race track is what got me thinking about a true 2 lane road course that the community could race on...thanks my diecast brother.

My youngest aka Speed Force Racing is already contemplating how to film Bootleg Run...she wants us to figure out a way she can be above the racing action and film it that way...because we can't film it the same way as Tobacco Road. We will come up with something.

  • Thanks for the shoutout. This is looking like it's going to be awesome! — Diecast64

 I want to run Hot Rods to open Bootleg Run...this is what I have in mind...have to test on the actual track once it's done, but it's where I'm leaning.

Do some building this week....updates to come.

I did some testing with the switchback far so good....and it looked cool as hell. The actual design will give more momentum, but don't foresee the cars flying off of the curves. Most importantly....we are on schedule. 

So, I'm measuring and pondering....Lady of Speed comes down stairs....."what'cha doing"....."I'm going to have to build Bootleg Run in place as I go, this spot of the family room will be occupied until after Labor Day." "Okay, good spot for it, it's out of the way....have fun Hun."

What would we do in this hobby without understanding spouses!!!!

Bootleg Run will be set in the lower mountains/foothills of NC in the Autumn/Fall time of year for the diorama. The actual "runs" back in the day took place on cool crisp Fall nights, the mash could not be made until the corn crop was harvested and corn is grown in the hot months of summer here in NC. Going to my warehouse to pillage for some possible supplies this afternoon.

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