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Bootleg Run Build Journal

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Trestle Bridge is now mounted to the bridge section...pleased with the presentation of this feature of Bootleg Run

The Start Gate has been ordered for the track, and also got a 6 pack of the dual lane connectors...I believe I have a use for them.

I will use Liquid Nails to attach the hinge to the underside of the mdf...the screws tend to wallow out the mdf over time.

There will also be a stiff knee under each 6' section between the curves and between Soul Taker and the Trestle Bridge...that way not much weight will be on the hinges themselves.

The 6' section between Widow Maker and Soul Taker...the road course feature will be seen during reveal video

Just finished testing the section between Soul Taker and the Trestle Bridge that has this road feature...everything worked great even before the actual track calibration pre-race.Hot Wheels Matchbox diecast cars

Got the specs down for Stage 4, there will be a 4' drop down from the Trestle Bridge and a 2' run out to the finish line. You can see the layout, however it will stage down 4 times, but gives you a peek before the reveal Labor Day weekend. This will be the final entry...get your Hot Rods ready!!!

  • The Drop is 4', so used it to double check my calculations — LeagueofSpeed
  • LO$ what are your plans at the end for a stopper or bumper? just curious — Mopar_Mafia
  • Quality work as always — Mopar_Mafia
  • The Lady of Speed has some micro-filled cleaning towels and when rolled up layerd 3 deep, they really absorb the energy quite well — LeagueofSpeed

Hey there, I know this build journal is old, but I was wondering if you had any tips, tricks for dealing with those 2 lane orange curves? I have a pair and I can't seem to ever keep them from having a small bump where they connect. This bump will throw cars out of the curve or slow them down consideribly.  I have tried mixing and matching the 4 pieces, but nothing ever works for long.  My kids don't seem to care about the bump, but it drives me nuts. Thank you. Endcount

  • I wish I had the answer but I don't, Unfortunately, LeagueofSpeed, the builder of the track is no longer active. — SavageSpeeder
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JeffSpeed07 6/22/23

Man, I wish I saw this track in action.

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