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...and don't forget this section

The hard build will start in July and it will be done in August....looking forward to this build and the potential of a true road course with dragstrip influence.

Just struck a deal I could live with....more vintage Redline track and accessories on the way....most importantly the two(2) dual lane high banked curves.....vintage 1969 baby!!!!

.....two most important sections secured!!!

Awesome, started rebuilding my track been gluing the brick paper onto the wood very time consuming.  I'll start a new thread about the Brickyard soon, thanks for the name.

You went with "The Brickyard"....I'm attached now!!

"The Brickyard" build should be pretty easy once I glue that damned paper on, was wondering where you found the transfer pieces though.  Trying to do it without velcro, might fab something out foam if those are too hard to find.

The Trestle Bridge is a known feature and now the two(2) 180 degree high bank turns, but being a road course there will be two(2) more road course type features which will be known during the reveal video. The track will be separate lanes like a dragstrip, so still a race to the finish line. The two(2) turns and other goodies are on there way from Illinois and should arrive next week. More info to come, not quite settled on the design...but close, then the hard build to make Bootleg Run a reality instead of an idea....hopefully an awesome road course that we can enjoy racing on. 

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Bootleg Run will have a Switchback with the two(2) turns 

Bootleg Run was never going to be a straight line, but the switchback does help keep more lineal.

The high bank turns for the switchback are in house, plus 40' more of vintage Redline track and something else I have to modify from original use, but it's an easy modification....all vintage 1969!!!

Bootleg Run won't use the center expander piece, those were for making a figure 8 back in the day and an oval without it.

Got the first summer vacation behind me and I'm back at the design phase, which is 95% decided upon...going to hit Home Depot for a few supplies this afternoon. I was going to custom build the start gate, but was so pleased with 3D botmakers on Tobacco Road that I'll purchase another 2 lane for Bootleg Run...more updates to come.

I have one section of Bootleg Run that will be adapted from it's 1969-70 usage and repurpoused for the road end had to be repaired, which was done today, and the other end needs some modification. I'll finish that up tomorrow, as the JB Quick will be allowed to set up overnight to ensure a quality repair.

Here is a photo of the repair...there are only about three (3)things from the 1969-70 Redline track sets that this could be...which will become known during the reveal video. The penny was/is a dexterity test for the repair and the new tab did not move downward...which is what we want.

Well if at first you don't succeed...try again. The attempt to attach a new tab just on the surface didn't came off when I gently tried to pull the track back off. So, since you could clearly see where the original tab was, I cut a pocket with my Dremel and a cutting disc and used super glue this time and believe we have a permanent repair this time.

The trick was not to compromise the actual track when cutting in the pocket for the new tab....operation was a success.

Bootleg Run will stage down 4 times, with the  4th and final stage being at ground level to the finish line. This is one of the reasons....well the main reason it was/is going to be a more complex build than Tobacco Road, but it's  nothing I can't fact it makes it more fun for me, which is what this is all and comradery.

Okay, I think it's time to transition to the hard build stage. I always have to see a project, no matter what it is in my minds eye before I can get down to the brass tacks of it. The original vision has been completely scrapped...8' drop to two 90deg turn sections then an up and over the trestle bridge section to the finish line...I can do better than that. This is the basic build without giving to much away...

5' drop to Stage 1, which will be 2' off the floor leading into Turn 1 of the switchback, then a 6" drop into Turn 2 on Stage 2, then another 6" drop to the Trestle Bridge section (Stage 3) then  a  1' drop to ground level (Stage 4) and race to the it's time to build a road course like no other.


The track flattens back out at 2' exiting the turn, which is where the 6" drop will begin down to Turn 2/Stage 2.

I will build braces underneath the track exiting the turns to support lane bounce or sagging allowed.

It looks like the width of Bootleg Run will be around 44" and length TBD.

The basic blueprint of Bootleg Run, it will stage down so the cars can keep momentum as they race to the finish at ground level.

Also crafted the other road course feature we are set to start the hard build in July.
The 1st road course feature will be on the drop from stage 1 to 2 and the 2nd will be on the drop from stage 2 to 3

Some notes moving forward...

Shout out to CC Rider, your Hollywood Road Race track is what got me thinking about a true 2 lane road course that the community could race on...thanks my diecast brother.

My youngest aka Speed Force Racing is already contemplating how to film Bootleg Run...she wants us to figure out a way she can be above the racing action and film it that way...because we can't film it the same way as Tobacco Road. We will come up with something.

Thanks for the shoutout. This is looking like it's going to be awesome!

 I want to run Hot Rods to open Bootleg Run...this is what I have in mind...have to test on the actual track once it's done, but it's where I'm leaning.

Do some building this week....updates to come.

I did some testing with the switchback far so good....and it looked cool as hell. The actual design will give more momentum, but don't foresee the cars flying off of the curves. Most importantly....we are on schedule. 

So, I'm measuring and pondering....Lady of Speed comes down stairs....."what'cha doing"....."I'm going to have to build Bootleg Run in place as I go, this spot of the family room will be occupied until after Labor Day." "Okay, good spot for it, it's out of the way....have fun Hun."

What would we do in this hobby without understanding spouses!!!!


Bootleg Run will be set in the lower mountains/foothills of NC in the Autumn/Fall time of year for the diorama. The actual "runs" back in the day took place on cool crisp Fall nights, the mash could not be made until the corn crop was harvested and corn is grown in the hot months of summer here in NC. Going to my warehouse to pillage for some possible supplies this afternoon.

Went with a piece of 16" x 48" mdf to hold the high bank curves for the switchback, and it gives me enough surface for the diorama as well

I will get both platforms for the turns plus some left over

Lady of Speed ' s sister coming into town and there going to go to Wilmington NC to see their folks and taking the girls with, going to get a lot done on Bootleg Run...just me the dog and Hot Wheels for a few days. Still on schedule for the Labor Day weekend race.

I will have some structure built by the end of the weekend...all my local teams are already in the field and hunting for some Hot Rods...start getting your ducks in a row...Labor Day weekend will be here before you know it and this is going to be an epic race.

Some speed and centrifugal force will be slow and you topple out of the fast and you just might go airborne. However, just a slight push gets them through and as reported earlier the cars made it through testing at what will be lower speeds than the actual track.

Hot Wheels Matchbox diecast cars

looking good

It's about to get real here at LoS Track Building Division.

The window sill is nice and level, so I'll have stage 1 rest partially on it...making good use of the building environment.

It will also cut down on the number of 2x4 stiff knees needed and it's a level point of origin

The point of origin for Bootleg Run has been established and stage 1 position finalized.

The 1x8 is 6'

All the upper track sections are cut and ready for the track channel and painting. I will purchase the ground level section( level 4) when I know what I need...either 6' or 8', I'm going to cut the mdf for the curves next. Two inches of play each side of the curves.

See Below

MDF is now cut and ready

Today was a good day...I know exactly how Bootleg Run will be built, the space it will occupy and where  everything needs to be  moving forward. This is going to be a one of a kind track....get ready...get pumped...get excited for this race....a TRUE 2 lane Road Course....c'mon people get READY!!!! We only build and produce the best here at League of Speed Racing....if you love diecast racing and miss this race....chances are you'll regret it.

Working on stage 1 and as you can see, Bootleg Run will have the same transition as Tobacco Road...if it ain't broke...don't fix it 

See Below

Some supplies

Finished up the other end of one of the road course features today...1969 classic track piece repaired and modified for Bootleg Run

Stage 1 will be ready for paint tomorrow

the track channel ends short because the curves lift the track as the cars approach

Gotta love your effort and enthusiasm LO$, keep up the good work and the high standards


Good day for painting

Just hit the green base with some orange and yellow overspray

Get that Fall/Autumn look going.

Template for the curves

Finished product

Got to play with the jigsaw to do this

So the bridge will have a suspended look like a bridge should

Going to screw the bridge down so it will be semi-permanent

Working on the Drop...basically just like Tobacco Roads...was going to go 5' but stuck with 4'...I will order a 2 lane start gate next week.

It will be a 5' drop when the transition bottoms out

Widow Maker and Soul Taker...The Reapers Switchback

there will be a 6" drop into Soul Taker

Getting ready for some more field testing

Trestle Bridge is now mounted to the bridge section...pleased with the presentation of this feature of Bootleg Run

The Start Gate has been ordered for the track, and also got a 6 pack of the dual lane connectors...I believe I have a use for them.

I will use Liquid Nails to attach the hinge to the underside of the mdf...the screws tend to wallow out the mdf over time.

There will also be a stiff knee under each 6' section between the curves and between Soul Taker and the Trestle Bridge...that way not much weight will be on the hinges themselves.

The 6' section between Widow Maker and Soul Taker...the road course feature will be seen during reveal video

Just finished testing the section between Soul Taker and the Trestle Bridge that has this road feature...everything worked great even before the actual track calibration pre-race.Hot Wheels Matchbox diecast cars

Got the specs down for Stage 4, there will be a 4' drop down from the Trestle Bridge and a 2' run out to the finish line. You can see the layout, however it will stage down 4 times, but gives you a peek before the reveal Labor Day weekend. This will be the final entry...get your Hot Rods ready!!!

The Drop is 4', so used it to double check my calculations
LO$ what are your plans at the end for a stopper or bumper? just curious
Quality work as always
The Lady of Speed has some micro-filled cleaning towels and when rolled up layerd 3 deep, they really absorb the energy quite well

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