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Bootleg Run Build Journal

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Finished up the other end of one of the road course features today...1969 classic track piece repaired and modified for Bootleg Run

Stage 1 will be ready for paint tomorrow

  • the track channel ends short because the curves lift the track as the cars approach — LeagueofSpeed
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Mopar_Mafia 7/30/17

Gotta love your effort and enthusiasm LO$, keep up the good work and the high standards

Just hit the green base with some orange and yellow overspray

Get that Fall/Autumn look going.

Got to play with the jigsaw to do this

So the bridge will have a suspended look like a bridge should

  • Going to screw the bridge down so it will be semi-permanent — LeagueofSpeed

Working on the Drop...basically just like Tobacco Roads...was going to go 5' but stuck with 4'...I will order a 2 lane start gate next week.

  • It will be a 5' drop when the transition bottoms out — LeagueofSpeed

Widow Maker and Soul Taker...The Reapers Switchback

Getting ready for some more field testing

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