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Bootleg Run - Dixie Gran Prix

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No my grandparents paid for ALL cars to be returned.

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Scottman27 7/20/18

Iam thinking of entering in this Race Does any of the Stock Indy Cars even stand a Chance at being competitive ? or will there be a Stock Class??

  • A Modified car has never won on Bootleg Run and it's always a mixed field of Stocks and Mods — LeagueofSpeed
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Jav74 7/21/18

I did order the formula fastback, winning formula and formula 5000 but do these qualify?

The Lady of Speed has told's open wheeled...please remove the sail and graphite it for me please...your wish is my command.

  • She tried to get the FTE Hot Tub by me...I you...but NO. — LeagueofSpeed
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DJRobLuv 7/22/18

What up LOS!!!

Will the races be posted on YouTube for us to see?

This will be my first race ever... #Rookie


  • Absolutely...subscribe to League of Speed youtube channel and you'll get notifications — LeagueofSpeed
  • Awesomeness!!! — DJRobLuv

Got my Stock entry in house...break it out soon and get it broke in for Bootleg Run.

  • That's a sweet looking car! — Dadvball
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41-14 8/6/18

Just to clarify: stock and modified will be racing against each other, I read through the thread and didn’t see anything on it. My apologies if there is. Working on some right now. Hoping to have them done soon. 

  • Yes, Bootleg Run is always mixed classes...and a modified car has never won on Bootleg Run. — LeagueofSpeed

We are less than a month out for the Dixie Gran get in those workshops yee Merchants of Speed and send in your best to the track that's Tough to Tame.

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41-14 8/8/18

  • 1 almost out of pit row. Little weight to be added and then some test runs. As it stands it’s faster than some of my better stock. Bootleg run here we come. — 41-14
  • Looks Sweet!!! — LeagueofSpeed

If there is still room... I'll play

  •'em and send'em!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • ahhh!!!! Is that a hint of what’s to come with the #1 on the black F1 — 41-14
  • Lots of variables on this track... fastest car does not always win. Gotta finish to have a chance. — Traction-Event
  • Well said TE...and that's exactly how Bootleg Run was intended to be — LeagueofSpeed it's not.

  • That looks mean!!! This is gonna be fun. — 41-14
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Scottman27 8/9/18

Well The Rookie here has loaded two cars up on the hauler and they are on their way. Cant wait to see this in action.By the way I sent $5 just keep the whole $5 its a tip to the host,LOL

  • Looking Forward to having you...Bootleg Run is a lot of fun. — LeagueofSpeed

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