Build Journal : Flaming Yakuma from Sri Lanka

FlamingYakuma Friday, 1/21/2022

Hi everyone,

So I decided to start building a diecast racing track and thought of sharing my progress. Right now I am struggling with the track bends. (Cannot buy the Crash Racers track because it is way too expensive (Comes to around $100 plus 20,291 LKR) So I am trying my best to build it with cardboard. Will keep you posted on the progress. 

1. Laying out the track base/frame

2. Covering the track with tissue and water to paint later. 

3. Painting the track environment (I used fabric paint for the mountains and then used the thin rope cut method (flocking) for the grass. 

4. Just for Looks 

5. Here's where the problems arise, the car doesn't complete the bend, not even halfway. Been trying all sorts of bends for the past few days but nothing worked so far. The cars hit the wall and rolls back instead of sliding against the wall. 


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Chaos_Canyon 1/21/22

Chaos Canyon is also scratch built and we got around the issue of cars not turning the open track corenr with two things, one was cutting the corner at a wider angle (see the image below). Then pulling the ends closer to bank the corner.

The other thing that really helps is having the entry higher than the exit, as it encourages the cars to exit the corenr, rather than just bounce back.

If that's still not enough, you can always add a guide on the straight going into the corner, so that it pushes cars to the outside edge fo the track, so they are forced along the wall, rather than driving into it at an angle.

Hope that helps.

  • Thank you. Let me try this method and keep you posted. Thank you so much! — FlamingYakuma
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HughWrektit 1/22/22

Do a death plunge 4x4 course down the cliff or an alpine ski style car jump!

Looks great.

  • haha yes, that would be a great idea. Maybe one day though. :) — FlamingYakuma
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redlinederby 1/23/22
Site manager

Here's another post on banked has the Chaos Canyon chart again on there too but some photos from other tracks and more discussion.

  • Hey, thank you. I did try this method too. It didn't work for me. I am in the process of trying the Chaos Canyon Method. :) — FlamingYakuma
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Clutch 1/24/22

Looks great! love the looks of what youve painted and decorated so far! very realistic!

As far as the corner, have you tried a flat turn instead of a banked one? Haha seeing CHaos Canyons reply

  • Thank you. Fingers crossed. I managed to find somefree time to resume work on the track again :) — FlamingYakuma
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InsaneG 1/26/22

Your track is awesome! I'm digging the mountainside, very well detailed! For the turns, I recommend you on looking for pictures of banked crash racers turn to see how banked they are. I mainly tried imitating how the crash racers turns looks like and it isn't far from that. 

I had tried this method before using cardboard and it worked well... On some cars. Few made through it nicely. IT'S ALL TRIAL AND ERROR so don't worry if it didn't work at the first time. Fix, test and repeat if there are still problems. 

You need to make a turn first like this. Measure it approximately 180°. I think it's almost 2ft in width. 

Then what you want to do is cut some cardboard strips (must peel off the other side so you can bend it easily) and it should turn out like this. Make sure to make the strips banked like on the picture or like how crash racers bank turns looks like. The entrance is also higher than the exit by approximately an inch. 

Make sure to secure it properly so it wouldn't come off and also don't glue them yet if you're not satisfied with it. It's trial and error. After securing it, you now can paint it above and glue something transparent and frictionless above it (in this case I used a plastic book cover to help them slide a bit). And there we go! A nice looking and functioning turn. I'll share a video later on how it functions. 

Hopefully it might help you and good luck on your diecast channel soon!

EDIT: You could also do this for corrugated plastic as it's also have corrugated things (idk what to put here) in them. Get them in black or grey and disregard on applying plastic cover on it and painting it. 

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InsaneG 1/26/22

Here are the videos of them in action. If you could, please leave them a like and subscribe. That would help me a lot! Thank you! 

  • Hey, this is awesome. I subscribed to your channel, been watching some videos time to time. — FlamingYakuma

Small update, so the method by Chaos_Canyon worked. I managed to make my first turn. No big updates at the moment. I was sick the last week so couldn't work much on it. Looking forward to a track-building week.

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