Building my first diecast racing track! Im from Malaysia. Thank you guys!

fhk_diecastracingmalaysia Sunday, 6/4/2023

There are no stores here that sells fat track, so i have to buy it from amazon, ebay or etsy that ships to Malaysia. And the price is very expansive but i guess ill just invest in it so i would finish my track. I cant find any Malaysian doing this whether on youtube or any platform so i just make one to see if theres any interest from my country. Ill update my track here. Any tips and suggestion would be welcome and i appreciate it. I dont have any name for it yet and any plan for the travk layout but after i bought the fat track set from amazon or ebay ill post and update it here. Cheers!


Here's the updated one. 

Another day, another path build for the track. Still long way to go. Ive ran out of wood so ill need to get more. 

  • It's a lot of work, but very rewarding having a track to not only test cars on, but have international racing! Best of luck to you, I hope to enter a race on your track when it's finished!! — G_ForceRacing
  • Thanks man! Cant wait! — fhk_diecastracingmalaysia

Updates on my track, added the structure for the foundation of the track. Havent gotten to test it yet for the whole run but im pretty sure ive measured it to be at good speed rather than slow or faster than i wanted. Still long way to go though and long time to wait for my fat track from amazon to arrived (havent order yet). Ill keep it posted from time to time. Really enjoying the build tbh. See ya. 

Ive scraped my previous base structured and build a new one. Above photos are the recent one i did after i rewrok on it. Any ideas or suggestions what to use for wall bases and how to build them. Do you guys use more wood or any other materials before putting all the dioramas for the track? Just curious. I have something in mind but i would like any ifeas that i can work with from you guys that be great for my track moving forward! Love this community! Tq so much for those who gave ideas previously. 

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dr_dodge 7/18/23

I don't know if this material is available to you, but this is my go to

I carve pink foam into panels for many of my diorama models.  Use the 2" thick stuff, and cut panels to fit.   I use a band saw, scroll saw, an a big knife.  Sand lightly and surfaces to be glued together, and use wood glue.  The panels are very rigid, and need no support in the middle.  You can "puzzle cut" the edges to lock together, too

the foam I use (2" thick)

To create hills and backdrops

to make a complex shaped bottom panel, the puzzle cut,
you cut a circular hole at an edge, mark that on the next panel, 
carefully cut/form, and the 2 panels will hold together.  
Not bonding in straight lines helps hide the seems

it will also make amazingly strong boxes used vertically and horizontally

done right you end up with easy removable panels,
so the messy scenic stuff can be done outside, reducing the mess in the house,
and making access for wiring, lights, etc easy

good luck!


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