Building my track

Banjo Wednesday, 6/12/2024

Started building the other day. My slanman 180's came in and I found a bag of hot wheel city buildings at a yard sale. It runs pretty good but I'm keeping it a little slow right now so the cars don't fly off the track. I think I need some grass looking carpet or something and some background on the wall. I'm using the super 6 lane and running 2 lanes off that. I'll post another pic when I get it spruced up a little more. 


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CanesBart 6/12/24

Nice work so far!

The fun is just beginning!

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AbbyNormal 6/13/24

Very nice - keep tweakin' it. I'm currently stuck  on a 2ft x 4ft piece of plywood - but I have some ideas going forward

That looks just like whats underneath the parts of my track I have covered up! Bits and pieces of whatever I could find to build it how I wanted. Shelves, pieces of broken furniture, cardboard, old paint cans.... but it works and its fast!

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dr_dodge 6/13/24

I like it!

keep us up to date


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RaginRicky 6/14/24

Looks like a good start. 
 I'm gathering things to start my build as well

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Phil_NWA1 6/15/24

Looks great, I do like a two lane track 

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Banjo 6/16/24

Thanks everyone:)

Just went to dollar tree and bought 10 packs of the long 2 foot length orange track. I think the track will run smoother with the longer sections. 

  • Yup, in my (limited) experience, the 2 foot Dolluh Tree sections better than Wal Marts 1 footers — CanesBart
  • Remember to pinch in sides of exit track, and widen sides of entrance piece. Lol, that did wonders for me, as I originally thought everything had to be flush — CanesBart
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Banjo 6/27/24

So I took out the six lane Speedway and am just using two lanes. Got a little bit of Diorama grass and rearranged the buildings. This is definitely a ongoing project. 

Once you start you can't stop the addiction is set. Looking good!!

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