Building our first (Blu)track

DDRacer Friday, 2/9/2018

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Many years ago, when we were kids, we raced toy cars just like most of us. And yes, now we're old(er) and a bit wiser... so I decided to pick it up again but now on a whole new level.

Our plan is/was to build a 4 lane seamless track with timer, and try to make it as consistent as possible. It's pretty expensive to get a seamless hotwheels track here, so we chose blu track. It's not ready yet, but we're getting there:

It's my first post, so i hope the pictures come through. Comments/questions are more than welcome and more news and better photo's will follow soon!


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Nice work and awesome track!!! It looks like MDF for your track base. If you ever host an event across the pond...the League of Speed will show up.

Kudos on your Build and Welcome to RLD!!!

  • Nice work DDRacer, really like the timing tower. Welcome to RLD — Mopar_Mafia
  • Thank you for your compliments! — DDRacer
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DDRacer 2/10/18

Thanks! The track base is made of MDF indeed. Cheap an sturdy. 

There are some minor changes coming up though. This week I glued some aluminium strips on the sides of the ramp, because it started to bend a little. 

Second problem comes with the blu track. Because the "walls" of the blutrack are 100% vertical, I got a few wrecks due to mirrors hitting the MDF walls. So the MDF guardrail will be replaced with lower ones. 

I'll try to post some pictures of the progress the following weeks. Really looking forward to host a race in the near future!!

  • Can you bevel the mdf to match the height of the vertical wall on the blu track at a 45 degree angle. That way it should be enough clearance — 41-14
  • For the cars to avoid bumping into the mdf. Just a thought. — 41-14
  • Could have saved me some money on new barriers, but i don't have the tools to shape it at 45 degrees. Good idea though! — DDRacer

1/4" square dowel and lattice strip's may be helpful. ..the lattice strip is 1 1/2" wide and right in between 3/16 and 1/4" tall and could still be used with your wing nut system albeit shorter bolts, or you could possibly raise the track so the top of the track walls come close to flush with the MDF?

Hope this helps...Peace - League of Speed 

  • You would have to glue down the dowel of course, but lattice strip's on the sides and the middle might be a homerun. — LeagueofSpeed
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DDRacer 2/10/18

Raising the track gives me another problem, because the edges (blu track has a small strip on the outside of the track) are underneath the MDF trackwall. That way, if I turn the wing nut, the track is 100% flat and not going anywhere.

But the strips are a perfect idea! I'll have a look for a place nearby where I can get them. They should be low enough and with some shorter bolts, will look okay too. 

I'll share the result next week (I hope)

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redlinederby 2/10/18
Site manager

I took the liberty of adding the photos to your posts.

And that is a NICE looking setup you got. I love the big finish line. If I had the space, I'd prefer a bigger type unit as well...seems like it would be more useful that way. Never seen green Blutrack before...different, dig it. 

So you're keeping the track flat by having a little ridge go over it, and then using the wingnuts to tighten? Good idea on that. Sturdy and solid but still able to take it all apart for storage and travel. Well done.

Great craftsmanship on the whole thing. Can't wait to see some racing on it. We'll have to consider some mail-in on your track. Shipping will probably be crazy but would be cool to see. Once we get around to running our Fantasy League game, you can certainly be a remote host for that as well (since it doesn't involve shipping anything).

  • The green track was limited I think. And yes, tightening the track works really sweet (also for storage as you mentioned!) — DDRacer
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41-14 2/10/18

Really great work on the track. Looks awesome. And the finish line looks amazing. Very professional looking. Looking forward to racing on it if you decide to host. 


41-14 Racing

  • Thank you 41-14. It will still take some time, because I want to make a setup for a camera so the fun can be shared — DDRacer

I think I might enjoy building tracks as much as I enjoy racing on them!!!

Looking forward to the progress reports on your build!!!

Speed Force and I went window shopping the other day for the IPad 4 and a GoPro...need to do some Ebaying as to avoid the wrath of the Lady of Speed!!! :)

  • Yes yes, keep the lady in mind. Very important. And building is awesome indeed. As long as it goes to plan lol — DDRacer
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redlinederby 2/11/18
Site manager

I'd love to get a GoPro. But I've just been using my iPhone for videos and gotta say it works really well...the slowmo is a blessing too. We just got new phones last year so I have an "extra" iPhone or two laying around which I plan on trying to use for secondary angles. 

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DDRacer 2/12/18

I bought myself an AEE camera not so long ago. Not as famous (and expensive) as GoPro, but it has pretty similar specs and a good review in comparison to GoPro. My telephone will be the second camera, but that's something for later on.

First things first: Got myself some new track barriers, so no more wrecks!

Now up for the transition. Because the BluTrack is being hold by the barriers, you can put tension on the track. That way you get a nice transition just at the angle you want. Just put more more less tension on the track. 

The only thing that's really difficult, is to get the same transition for both tracks. BluTrack is so darn flexible... Anyone got a good idea for material to bend (or shape) and put underneath the track transition? Maybe try to bend some plexiglass? (i hope it's called the same in the US)

  • Let me ponder the a close up pic? — LeagueofSpeed
  • Plexiglass will bend...the thinner will of course flex more than the thicker — LeagueofSpeed
  • I'll take a picture this weekend. Might try something with plexiglass too — DDRacer

Looks like the lattice strip's solved your problem!!! I personally like the lower profile of the lattice. Looking good!!!

  • Indeed. Thanks for the idea! — DDRacer
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Mopar_Mafia 2/13/18

Echo LO$ comments on your craftsmanship. Love to see other folks ideas and how they overcome obstacles presented in the quest for speed. If you build your track with the detail and patience that you did on your finish line timer set-up you have one sweet racetrack. Keep up the good work

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redlinederby 2/13/18
Site manager

I believe Chevy used some aluminum sheeting under his transition. It was thin enough that it gave a natural bend to support the track. Although I wonder how sturdy that is...seems to me there would be a lot of give when cars roll over it. Some thin plywood might do the trick too. You could use some sort of rope/pulley system that provides the tension and creates the curve. I did something similar long ago with my track and it worked pretty well. I actually had the pulley system pulling the track rather than the support underneath but same principle. 

I have metal guides under my track at the transition, the orange track just slides over them like a normal connector, but even then I feel the transition curve is not the same for each lane. It's really damn close, close enough for what we're doing...and that's the thing to remember.

  • Smitty-bilt? — Mopar_Mafia
  • Good information. Let's look around in my shed if there's any aluminium or plywood — DDRacer

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