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The Fantasy League is organized by car classes. These classes are then combined with ratings to create tournament restrictions. Cars can belong to multiple classes and may be added to more classes as they are created. Cars will never be removed from a classes (unless an error is reported), however, the rating of each car can change regularly.

Official classes

This classes the default class and includes every car. Every car will at least be part of this class.

Only American model cars

Cars that have a number in their name, usually a designation. For example, GT-500

Classic Muscle
Cars that fit into the stereotypical "muscle car" category, mostly cars pre-1980

Cars that have been donated to Redline Derby Racing. Want to donate?

Cars that are not real world cars by name. This includes true fantasy designs like Twin Mill and Bone Shaker, but it also includes cars like Super Van and Rescue Ranger that are based on real world cars but are not specifically named as such.

Faster Than Ever
Cars that carry the FTE designation on their packaging. Faster Than Ever cars are made with a nickle-plated axle that often increases a car's performance.

Non-American model cars, includes Ferrari, VW, Mitsubishi, etc.

All cars that do not carry the Faster Than Ever designation.

Trucks, Vans and Wagons
Truck, van and station wagon model cars. Not limited to real world models.

Real World
Cars that exist in the real world. Puts American and International into one class.

World Racers
A loose collection of cars that are (or can be) considered race cars. Not limited by other classes.

High Speed Wheels
Cars that are part of the High Speed Wheels product line.


Classes may be added during the current season if more are needed. If you have any ideas for other classes, please mail them in or post your suggestions to this thread. The more classes there are the more variety there will be in each tournament.


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Nice FAQ!

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