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GrabberGT Saturday, 8/27/2011

Anyone else run into a string of poorly molded cars? 4 of the last 6 cars I have bought barely roll, much less make it down the track. The casting seems intrude into the wheel wells and the wheel axles have lots of slack in them. Im taking them all back to Wal-Mart today to exchange. I'll be embarrassed but at least I'll get my cars rolling like they should.


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redlinederby 8/27/11
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I can't say I've noticed anything too frequent in poor cars, but I have noticed that when I get a new car and they don't roll well it's usually because the chassis rubbing. Thankfully I can use them as a chop shop cars or giveaways, so it's not a complete waste.

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WorpeX 9/4/11

Yeah, i've had a few like this too. The worst being a Pikes Peak Tacoma and it barely moved, stopped dead on the drop! JB Weld fixed it up nicely though.

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GrabberGT 9/5/11

I returned the offending cars back to Wal-Mart to find that the same cars were still bad. It must be the mold and selection of tires and bodies for these particular models.

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