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Chaos Canyon

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DSPN brought me to this site and was happy to find the build log of your track.  So impressive how far its come from those first shots of the layout up there.  The deco youve added is amazing.  Hope I can build something even a fraction as cool as your track.  

  • Thanks. This is the original canyon that is no more. Have you seen the canyon 2.0? — Chaos_Canyon

Haha I had thought somehow it came from this one.  Heck yeah 2.0 is so damn amazing. All the details of the new track are wonderful. :D

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D1G1T4L 9/22/21

Had to check out some Track Builds in anticipation of Building Traack 2 here at DDR :) Wow! What a journey you've had my friend! Mind blowing to see where things are today! Cheers! - D1G1 

  • Thanks. That's why I always tell people, don't wait for everything to be perfect, just build it and race what you can. you learn so much from doing that and it then helps when you get to add all the final touches cause you've worked out all the issues on the more basic track and know how it'll all work during filming etc. — Chaos_Canyon

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